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MetaCompliance Enterprise™ - IT Security and Policy Management, Compliance and IS27001

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Product Overview

MetaCompliance Enterprise Version 3.0 is a comprehensive solution that helps organizations simplify, achieve, and sustain IT security and compliance across the enterprise. MetaCompliance enables compliance and security managers to automate the creation and control of business and IT policies, implement industry mandated compliance initiatives and manage and monitor acceptance among geographies, business units and personnel.

A major regulatory and legislative requirement surrounding compliance and governance is to measure the security posture of the organisation, document security policy and promote awareness of that policy among employees. MetaCompliance Enterprise version 3.0 automates the development, distribution and deployment of risk assessments and compliance policies across the enterprise.

Self Certification and Risk Assessment Enforcement

Staff awareness of governance and the risks of IT security failure is the cornerstone of all the major regulatory directives.The number of policies that an organisation must design, manage and monitor to become compliant with these directives has increased in recent years. Existing mechanisms for managing these, such as email and intranet, have proved ineffective in dealing with the main issue - demonstrating compliance. Organisations simply cannot prove that a user received, read or understood any given policy.

Risk and Policy Management for the Enterprise
Risk and Policy Management for the Enterprise
At the heart of the MetaCompliance intelligent policy management engine is the unique ability to enforce user self certification and validate user understanding in order to ensure employee accountability and demonstrate compliance. Put simply, MetaCompliance allows organisations to force a response to policies, policy surveys and risk assessments, clearly demonstrating regulatory best practice.

Compliance Reporting

MetaCompliance Enterprise Version 3.0 provides a critical step to meeting the general due care and IT controls for compliance mandates. The software provides greater productivity and flexibility for managing the delivery of risk assessments and policies to the diversity of user that exists within the modern enterprise.

Integration Into Other Risk Management Platforms

Using the power of the Microsoft .Net Framework, MetaCompliance has the capability to integrate into other risk management platforms and IT security software suites. This functionality allows managers to access a central compliance and IT security management console to manage all of their responsibilities, such as the creation, dissemination managing and reporting of policies and risk assessments.

MetaCompliance Enterprise administration screens, including the Dashboard, Policy Audit and Adoption Report screens. Click image above to enlarge

Global Compliance Frameworks

MetaCompliance provides the best, most practical and cost effective solution to help organisations manage policies and demonstrate compliance with both new and existing regulations. In particular, the software provides an excellent back drop for the commonly adopted best practice methodologies such as CoBIT, ITIL and ISO 27001. These IT governance frameworks provide an accepted, proven and sustainable way of dealing with the need to protect the integrity of the IT Infrastructure upon which the organisation is built.

MetaCompliance helps deal with a key demand of these directives, which is to document security policy and promote awareness of that policy to employees across your organisation.

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