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Solutions for Engineering and Manufacturing Sector

Within the Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing sector, the use of technology is widespread. Electronic information has become a key competitive advantage and a mission critical asset. Most modern organisations in these sectors support a corporate philosophy that demands total workforce involvement in the policy of “safety first”. Indeed the majority have implemented a formal quality improvement process to ensure that they systematically provide customers with high quality service and support.

In addition these sectors are regulated by industry bodies and operate under fairly stringent legislation. Due to the longevity of the assets involved, these requirements span many years. It is critical therefore that employees’ have a sense of awareness in relation to their accountability for the protection of important information over long time periods. Employees need also to sign up on a regular basis to the safety communications and governance obligations that the organisation operates within.

MetaCompliance intelligent policy management solution allows Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing organisations to align the awareness of employees and contractors to the governance responsibilities of the organisation. Throughout the world, these industries have an obligation not only to meet the highest standards in personal information confidentiality and security, but also to show they are meeting these standards.

The MetaCompliance Suite guarantees employee participation in Policy and Governance communication. As a result, the system will provide the necessary management tools to implement appropriate policy and compliance measures to improve audit readiness and demonstrate the highest levels of Governance in internal processes and employee best practice.

Benefits for Engineering and Manufacturing organisations

  • Mitigate the risk of compliance failure as a result of personal information leakage.
  • Enforce the interaction of employees and contractors with policy and compliance initiatives.
  • Survey staff understanding of governance and security best practice.
  • Underpin best practice methodologies – ITIL, COBIT, ISO27001.
  • Provide the audit information and reporting functionality needed to demonstrate best practice.

Governance communication outside of the office

  • MetaCompliance Laptop helps reinforce the value of data and obtain staff acceptance of the risk of data residing in portable form.
  • MetaCompliance Non-electronic allows the originator to involve non computer users and obtain their responses in a unified system for the management of governance policy.

The MetaCompliance suite gives Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing companies an easy to use solution which automates the ever increasing burden of information governance and employee compliance. The software is a critical management tool when the time comes to demonstrate compliance in the form of an audit or a high profile employee malpractice.

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