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Product Overview

The key to protecting the organisation from compliance and information security problems is the participation of all users, including staff and contractors, in the ongoing initiatives that are in place to mitigate the risk of incidents and compliance failure. However obtaining and ensuring, continuity of this user participation is very difficult and quite costly to execute using existing management tools, structures and processes. In addition, reporting on compliance using these largely manual approaches is patchy at best, further hindering the organisation’s capability to demonstrate compliance.

The MetaCompliance suite of policy management software products has been developed to solve these types of problems through the implementation of easy to use compliance automation. MyCompliance is the latest addition to the product suite and is aimed at encouraging the user to participate in compliance activities. MyCompliance allows the user to access compliance content at anytime, from anywhere, from any device. MyCompliance makes compliance easier for the user through ease of getting to their compliance obligations and as a result of making the experience as intuitive as possible via a graphically rich portal.

From our experience, users will engage in compliance activities if access to content and tasks is made as simple and swift as possible. The majority of users recognise that compliance is a necessary element of working in a modern organisation that relies on data and is based on information technology. They accept that participation in compliance programs is an aspect of their employment contract. However, it is expected that the organisation provide the means for these obligations to be undertaken in the quickest and easiest way possible. MyCompliance provides the means by which users are facilitated.

In practice, this means that a user can access compliance content at work. Alternatively, the user can access MyCompliance from their home PC or during their commute to work and can deal with obligations such as annual surveys, company policies, e-learning and media learning. MyCompliance is a Cloud based environment that facilitates these access needs of a modern staff and contractor population. All that is required is a browser or the MyCompliance mobile application.

My Compliance provides the mechanism to bring third parties into key compliance programs that form the basis of an organisation’s corporate governance structure. As with internal staff, MyCompliance allows compliance content such as policies, surveys, e-learning and media learning to be disseminated to trusted third parties via a graphically rich portal or via the MyCompliance mobile application.


The carrot and stick approach to compliance participation

One of the major sources of compliance project failure is lack of user interest and participation. The MetaCompliance suite of software was developed to help resolve these problems. MyCompliance can be implemented within an organisation as a standalone compliance policy management and user awareness environment. However, MyCompliance is fully integrated into the MetaCompliance Advantage and Enterprise products.

The MetaCompliance Advantage and Enterprise products are market leading policy and user awareness management solutions. Their unique enforcement capabilities allow an organisation to ensure that users participate in their compliance initiatives through the deployment of a myriad of enforcement features. This functionality is critical for including that percentage of all user audiences that fail to participate in any compliance project without the expenditure of significant time and money to make sure they cooperate.

MyCompliance has the objective of engaging with the user and of facilitating access to compliance content with great ease and through its attractive user interface and functionality. Simply put, MyCompliance encourages involvement and MetaCompliance Advantage and Enterprise enforces participation in regulatory activities.

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