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Charities: How do you avoid the Reputational Risk of a Data Breach.

This mini-webinar features guest presenter Rowenna Fielding of Alzheimer’s Society.

Charities have managed to escape a fine from the ICO for Data Breaches to date. Given so many donations are now digital transactions, and human error is the main cause of data loss, user awareness of Information Security Policies and Guidelines must surely be a priority for IT Directors and HR Managers in Charitable organisations? The reputational risk a public Data Breach of this nature would entail, would surely have much further reaching consequences than an ICO fine?

During the course of the webinar we discuss the problem at hand, point you in the direction of free resources and include a Metacompliance demonstration.

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5 Steps to avoid ICO Fines and protect Confidential Customer Information.

Another week, another ICO fine. The challenges associated with protecting sensitive customer data are well documented. Added to the intense media scrutiny and reputational damage, we also have financial penalties in the form of ICO fines and a threat of custodial sentences to come.

  • What can you do to ensure you mitigate reputational and financial risk to your organisation in the event of a Data Breach?
  • How can you prove you exercised your Duty of Care in terms of User Awareness of Information Security Policies?
  • How do you manage to do this with less resources?

Our mini-webinar will highlight 5 key steps which will improve your organisation's Information Security posture, help change the overall culture and mitigate risk to your organisation in the event of a Data Breach.

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Delivering and sustaining User Awareness for PCI DSS.

Getting people involved in Information Assurance for PCI DSS and other regulatory compliance initiatives and tackling the human element of your compliance regime is very difficult. The answer to this problem lies in automation.

Join us in our mini-webinar to find out how companies like Travelex, JD Williams and Chelmsford Borough Council are using automation to prove they are fulfilling their duty of care and mitigating the risk of a breach.

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Creating Efficiencies by automating a Blended User Awareness Strategy.

Every public sector body is currently challenged with ensuring the highest standards of Data Protection, whilst being tasked with cost savings and staff reduction. Added to this, is the potential threat of penalties from the ICO and intense media scrutiny in the event of a compliance failure.

Almost all of the major legislation and regulation in the area of Information Assurance has User Awareness as part of their compliance requirements.A good User Awareness campaign uses all of the communication and education options available. Organisations may opt for traditional passive methods of engaging employees such as e-mail or intranet as well as active methods which involve automating processes to engage the user.

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Strategies for guaranteeing 100% participation in NHS Information Governance Toolkit compulsory e-Learning modules.

This mini-webinar is essential for NHS professionals struggling to achieve the required 95% participation in compulsory IG Toolkit Version 8 e-Learning modules. Let us show you the easy and most efficient way in our 15 minute mini-webinar – free to all NHS staff.

Version 8 of the IG Toolkit released in June, places more emphasis on policy awareness and understanding and must be rolled out to all staff, making the compliance burden on NHS professionals even more challenging. Our Webinar demonstrates how automation can deliver your compliance project at minimal cost. By integrating into the IG Toolkit software, MetaCompliance has the capability to enforce e-Learning participation while taking into account the day to day realities of a modern day health environment.

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Information Govenance in the NHS

Manage user awareness to achieve IT security and compliance accountability

“The NHS doesn’t do information security,” this is a common viewpoint among the IT Security community, and one that may be justified given recent events. In the two short months since the NHS was outed as the second largest perpetrator of data leakage in the UK, there have been 5 reported incidents that have placed patient information at risk.

The Information Security Management NHS Code of practice states that all staff must be fully trained and aware of their responsibilities regarding information governance, and that this should be given the same status as financial and clinical governance. However, with 89% of all NHS breaches in 2008/2009 being directly attributed to human error, this is clearly not the case.

Join MetaCompliance for a 30 minute webinar detailing how automation can help NHS organisations manage user accountability and awareness to deliver on corporate Information Governance and protect patient sensitive information.

Data Protection in the NHS

Managing user risk for information governance

Information Governance in the NHS has never been more crucial, nor more difficult. Increasing integration of systems presents a constant challenge in managing the balance between delivering critical services and the risks inherent in handling information. People are at the very centre of this. Regulatory mandates and best practice dictate that ALL NHS employees must be aware of corporate policy with regards to data protection. However, for an organisation of some 1.3 billion staff operating over thousands of sites, this has so far been an impossible task. Monthly enforcements by the ICO are a clear illustration that current methods, such as email and intranet, are simply not working.

Join MetaCompliance for a 30 minute information webinar on how compliance automation technology can deliver User Awareness for data protection and information governance in the NHS.

User Awareness: Managing the Last Mile of PCI Compliance

The last mile in PCI compliance

Working on PCI? Managing User Awareness a headache in the ongoing drive for Sustainability of Compliance?

View our executive briefing “User Awareness: Managing the Last Mile of PCI Compliance."

This 20 minute webcast provides attendees with a sound structure on which to deliver a cost effective, robust user awareness programme to hasten the drive for PCI compliance. Topics addressed are:

  • How to effectively deliver User Accountability
  • Managing continuous Risk Assessment
  • How to achieve Demonstrable Compliance through Automation
  • Sustainable Compliance – the 5 step programme

It is critical that staff at all levels are integral to the PCI Compliance project, User Awareness is key to the success of PCI and indeed all IT Security activities. Download this webcast now to help you on your way to Managing User Awareness

IT Security Awareness

Government Connect Webinar
Why are local authorities like Basildon District Council, Vale of Glamorgan Council, Harlow District Council, Merthyr Tydfill Council and many others using MetaCompliance to enforce and sustain their user awareness campaigns for CoCo compliance?

CoCo compliance has been the focus for Local Authority Governance programmes for some time, however accreditation is only the first step. Organisations must maintain and sustain compliance in line with the current and future threat landscape, and the evolution of the Code of Connection programme itself. Evidencing ongoing engagement of the entire user population is the key to sustainable, best practice information governance, and is only achievable with the use of automation.

Join MetaCompliance for a 30 minute webinar detailing how automation is helping many local authorities develop employee engagement programmes that cost effectively deliver the levels of user awareness and accountability that are necessary for continued compliance with the CoCo standard.

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