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MetaCompliance® Advantage is an IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (IT GRC) product that enables organisations to automate and manage the key tasks associated with user awareness and engagement for information assurance, including risk assessment, the measurement of organisation wide IT security posture and policy management.


  • Reinforcement of User Awareness
  • Sustainable User Engagement
  • Validation of Due Care
  • IT Governance Cultural Change
  • Best Practice IT Assurance


  • Awareness
  • Accountability
  • Audit


  • Cost Reduction
  • Time Savings
  • Risk Mitigation
Employee Risk Management

Employee Risk Management for Information Assurance

MetaCompliance® unique self certification technology guarantees 100% user participation in information governance initiatives, which is necessary for regulatory compliance and information assurance. The user is engaged in such a way that they must attest to their agreement, awareness and understanding of the processes that govern data handling and information governance.

Vendor/Partner Risk Management

Tackling information governance within your own organisation is much easier than dealing with external companies that handle your data or business processes; however, this is an essential element of information assurance. Once you open your information systems to third parties, you immediately extend your responsibility and liability for the protection of the information held by your organisation.


Governance Reporting - Proving Due Care to 3rd Party Auditors and Regulators

MetaCompliance® Advantage addresses the key business problems of demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements and proving due care to third party auditors and regulators. The reporting capability of the software allows problem users, departments or regions to be easily and quickly identified in the MetaCompliance® Governance dashboard.

Governance Reporting for Auditors and Regulators

Automated Survey and Assessment

MetaCompliance® Advantage allows organisations to regularly test and risk assess users on their knowledge of corporate information security practices, with minimal time and effort.

MetaCompliance® IT Governance Maturity Lifecycle

MetaCompliance® Advantage is an important piece of automation that allows companies to arrive at the most optimum IT Governance position; the functionality of the software matches the key constituents of the model, namely automation, risk assessment and management, internal control, value delivery and alignment with corporate strategy.

Situational Awareness with Dynamic Intercept™

Dynamic InterceptTM is a unique feature of MetaCompliance® designed to heighten employee awareness of the most risky information governance practices at the time when it is most optimal, when the event takes place.

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