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The Key Elements of Policy Management and User Training




User Awareness of Information Assurance

In today’s global environment, developments in technology have allowed businesses to reach a wider audience. This has brought benefits, such as increased customer base, global suppliers, economies of scale, however it has also brought significant risk, not least to Information Governance. Data, the lifeblood of every organisation, both public and private, is more at risk than ever before. Data is a valuable commodity, one which criminals can make high profits from and the loss of which can damage a business in many ways.

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Governance Frameworks – ISO 27001, ITIL, COBIT

The objective of all Governance Frameworks is to implement operating best practice that results in lower financial losses from compliance failures, and little, if any, visible publicity that can harm an organisation. These best practices also make it relatively easy for an organisation to sail through regulatory audits.

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PCI DSS: Security Compliance in the Payment Card Industry

User awareness plays a crucial role in PCI security compliance; with 51% of businesses indicating that their data is attacked daily and hourly (Ponemon Institute 2009), a vigilant, aware user population provides an essential line of defence in the battle for data security. However this is often the last area of the PCI DSS to be addressed.

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Industry Solutions

Public awareness of fraud and information security threats grow stronger with every data breach and identity theft case reported. Industries at greatest risk comprise of the following...

Local Government

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Central Government

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Engineering & Manufacturing

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