Warning Over Coronavirus Netflix Scam

As millions of people around the world go into lockdown, fraudsters have launched a devious new Netflix scam that claims to give away free subscription passes for the platform. The scam has been perfectly timed to exploit the current surge in people turning to streaming services during the isolation period.…

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How to Secure your Home Wi-Fi Network when Working Remotely

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak, millions of workers across the world have had to make the rapid transition to working remotely. This brings with it a host of new challenges, not to mention the increased risk of cyber attacks. In a recent survey conducted by threatpost, 40 percent…

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Coronavirus – Top Tips to Work Cyber Safely from Home

Global concerns over the rapidly spreading coronavirus (COVID-19), has meant that many organisations have had to instruct their employees to work from home. Since the World Health Organisation declared Coronavirus a global pandemic, there has been a concerted effort to contain the spread of the virus and reduce infection. To…

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