Scam of the Week – Fortnite Cheating App Infects Thousands of PC’s with Malware

July 5, 2018 2:09 pm Geraldine Strawbridge

Thousands of Fortnite players hoping to gain a competitive edge have unwittingly infected their computers with malware.

With more than 40million players worldwide, the online game has become a massive global success and has attracted the attention of hackers who are keen to exploit this mass market.

The online game is free to play and involves 100 players battling it out to become the last man standing. To stay one step ahead of the competition, players have downloaded a cheating software that promises both an aimbot and free in-game V-bucks, but is in fact loaded with a virus to infect their PC.

Game streaming service, Rainway uncovered the scam after they received 381,000 error reports from Fortnite players, leading them to believe that malicious cheating software was to blame.

Image: Links to malicious Fortnite cheating apps

Source: Rainway

After further investigation, the company discovered malicious adware hiding in the cheating software. After players install the software, it immediately alters Windows to issue its own rogue ads.

This creates a man in the middle attack, whereby a player’s internet connection is intercepted by a hacker in order to install malicious software.

Unfortunately, despite the swift action of the online gaming company, over 78,000 players had already downloaded the software infecting their PCs with malware.

Rainway commented on the scam: “While it should go without saying, I think you should not download random programs. An excellent personal security tip is that if something is too good to be true, you’re probably going to need to reformat your PC. It’s hard to prevent people from being malicious, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to prevent spread.”

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