Hacker to Be Punished for Targeted Attack Against Moonpig

March 9, 2016 1:11 pm David Bisson

A judge is scheduled to sentence a hacker for a targeted attack back in July of 2015 that forced Moonpig to suspend its website on three continents.

The Whitehaven News reports that Anthony Luke Fulton, 22, of Mill Hill, Cleator Moor, recently appeared before Judge Barbara Forrester after having pleaded guilty to three hacking offenses, including a charge alleging he caused a computer to perform a function with intent to enable or secure unauthorized access, during an earlier magistrate hearing.

Those offenses stem back to a targeted attack in July of 2015 in which Moonpig, a personalized card company, temporarily closed its site and its apps in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia after it discovered that customers’ email addresses, account balances, and passwords had been illegally published online.

At the time of the attack, Moonpig released the following statement:

“Following these investigations, we now have strong evidence that the customer email addresses and passwords we identified were taken previously from other third party websites, and not directly from Moonpig.com. This data was then used to access the account balances of some of our Moonpig.com customers,” the statement reads. “As a reminder, we do not store full credit card information ourselves so this data was not accessible in any event.”

It is now known that the hacker directly performed “a function with intent to enable or secure unauthorized access” to 18,000 Moonpig accounts, causing £150,000 before his IP was traced during an internal investigation.

Judge Forrester has requested whether software capable of checking Fulton’s use of computer technology can be placed on his equipment.

The case is currently adjourned pending clarification on a few factors, writes News & Star.

It is expected to resume in court later this month.