Subject access requests

How to deal with Subject Access Requests

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on the 25th of May 2018 and completely overhauled how businesses process and handle data. Organisations have had to rapidly adapt to ensure they are compliant with the new legislation and not liable for the large fines which have dominated the…

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iPhones Hacked

Scam of the week: iPhones Hacked in Sophisticated Watering Hole Attack

iPhone users, safe in the knowledge that their phone is virtually unhackable, got a nasty surprise this week as Google disclosed a sustained malware attack, potentially infecting thousands of devices. Google’s Project Zero Team, a group of security researchers tasked with tracking down vulnerabilities in software, confirmed that a number of hacked…

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Mobile malware

A Quick Guide to Mobile Malware

Gone are the days of using our phones for a simple phone call! Mobiles are now rapidly replacing computers as the go-to method for heading online. We use our phones for pretty much everything, whether it’s online shopping, banking, socialising, working or storing precious photos. They’ve become an extension of…

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IoT is changing cyber security

How IoT is changing Cyber Security

The global Internet of Things (IoT) market has experienced a significant growth spurt within the last few years. Over 8.4 billion devices are currently in use and this figure is expected to rise to 25 billion by 2020. The Internet of Things refers to all the physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, collecting and sharing data.

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A Guide to PSD2 – Strong Customer Authentication

Advances in digital technologies and the growth of the internet have led to an explosion in online crime. As traditional crimes like burglary and car theft continue to fall, online fraud has quickly become the most common crime in the UK with almost one in ten people falling victim. Criminals have shifted…

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Top 10 tips to protect your home Wi-Fi network

Our increasingly technological world means that our homes are now filled with a wide range of gadgets and devices that require an internet connection. Whether it’s our computer, tablet, phone, fridge, TV or baby monitor, our increasing reliance on the internet to connect all our devices has opened the door…

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cyber security program

Free Awareness Assets to Kick Start your Cyber Security Program

Starting a company-wide security awareness campaign can be challenging. Identifying what training needs to be delivered, who needs to be trained and employee engagement are all common obstacles that organisations face when it comes to launching a cyber security program.   Through our experience of developing and implementing staff awareness programs over the past ten years, we’ve recognised that…

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Apple users getting scammed online

Scam of the Week – Apple Users Warned of Phishing Scam

Apple users are being warned to avoid a devious phishing scam which claims to be a purchase confirmation email from the Apple App Store.  The phishing email, which contains a PDF attachment, requests that the recipient clicks a link to report if the transaction was unauthorised. By clicking on the link, the user is directed…

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tips for GDPR compliance

5 Tips for GDPR Compliance

As we edge closer to the one-year anniversary of the implementation of GDPR, many organisations are still struggling to achieve compliance with the landmark legislation. In fact, a recent study conducted by Forrester found that over half of the respondents had not taken all the necessary steps to achieve compliance, despite the passing of…

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Qatar Airways Phishing scam

Qatar Airways Phishing Scam Targets Users on WhatsApp

Qatar Airways has urged customers to be vigilant after a phishing scam has circulated on WhatsApp purporting to give away free airline tickets. With the holiday season in full swing, fraudsters have launched the phishing scam hoping to take advantage of holidaymakers looking to book a break away. WhatsApp users have received…

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