So called ‘rebels’ attempt hack on our internal EvilServers®

January 5, 2017 2:29 pm David Bisson

Last week you may have noticed some disruption to your Imperial Evil Mail® or Imperial Evil Outlook® services, this is because of a hack by some rogue so called ‘rebel’ activists. 

Our security contingencies that were put in place has largely prevented this minor breach from becoming a major galaxy-wide issue for all Imperial Evil staff members.   However, we must be very aware of the threat posed by similar attacks in future.

The target of the hackers was bank details and plans to our top-secret enormous planet-sized DeathStar®.  Had they succeeded, they would potientially have all 147,000 Imperial Evil Social Security numbers and associated Evil Bank account numbers as well as knowing exactly how we can make entire planets explode.

So, vigilance is key for us and I would urge all Imperial Evil staff members to follow the following best evil practices:

  • Never accept transmissions from people you don’t know.
  • Never click on links in your Evil Mail inbox – even if they’re from evil work colleagues.  You can hover over evil email links and preview that it is taking you to a reputable site.
  • Never respond to transmissions that are trying to provoke an urgent reaction – unless they’re from Lord Vadar.
  • Any transmissions from reputable Evil Banks or Evil Tax authorities will never ask you for your details in an online form, so never provide them.

Remember that your computer contains secure Imperial company information which you are personally responsible for, so remember to always lock your evil workstation when you are absent and hit ‘control’, ‘alt’, ‘evil’ before you leave your seat.

These steps will help to prevent any future rebel hackers from potentially accessing classified Imperial information and stop you from the risk of data loss or being personally strangled by Lord Vadar using the Force.

We have looked at anti-phising solutions from Metacompliance to educate our staff.  MetaPhish in particular is excellent, but I personally don’t think it’s needed as I can’t see how anything can go wrong for us in future.