About MetaCompliance

Metacompliance has been developing software and content for the Cyber Security and Compliance market since 2005.

We recognise the difficulty of mitigating the liability and risk that arose from the mismatch between staff awareness and the threats and security decisions needed to be resolved.

The company has worked closely with our clients to deepen the usability and functionality of our products to assist with corporate governance and cyber threats as they evolved through compliance legislation and hacker sophistication. Initially we lead the market with our Policy Management system with its unique enforcement capability. However, getting attestation from staff needed to be underpinned by understanding and that led us to develop our own Learning Management System (LMS) along with high quality cyber security and compliance content.

Our offering now has been extended to provide, compliance administration and information security professionals with a single platform that provides Integrated User Awareness Management through the deployment and blending of eLearning, Policy Management, Incident management and Knowledge Assessment. Our experienced team also provides active awareness consultancy to jump start or help evolved in house cyber security awareness campaigns. 

Metacompliance is a privately held company that has been well funded to deliver on its business goals. Metacompliance is a cyber security company and software development organisation focused on delivering commercial off the shelf (COTS) software and eLearning content against our innovative product vision.