Policy Management (MetaEngage)

  • The MetaCompliance Policy Management software contains all the key elements required to automate, deliver and manage the policy management life cycle. 
  • It addresses the key business problems of demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements and proving due care to third party auditors and regulators. 
  • The software allows organisations to regularly test and risk assess users on their knowledge of corporate information security and compliance practices with minimal time and effort. 
  • Content can be targeted to specific groups of users based on job role, and the software’s unique ability to obtain employee attestation of staff policies ensures compliance.
  • MetaEngage provides an account of compliance awareness levels, and detailed management reports enable organisations to pinpoint key areas that present  risks to data security.
  • Please refer to browser requirements and recommended whitelisting below.

Privacy (MetaPrivacy)

  • MetaPrivacy is a cloud-based privacy lifecycle management system that delivers an automated  approach to data privacy compliance. 
  • It has been designed to increase stakeholder engagement by providing graphically rich, interactive assessments incorporating video instruction, as part of the personal data information gathering phase.
  • The information obtained as part of the assessment process is used to automatically populate a register of personal data processing activities, which becomes a portal’ for Privacy Management.
  • The software provides an easy to follow workflow to guide specialist stakeholders through the review and approval phases of the lifecycle. 
  • Privacy risks and any associated remediation tasks can then be created, assigned and tracked within the system.
  • MetaPrivacy includes  policy management capabilities, guidance for managing privacy incidents and a collection of informative dashboards and reports that allow you to monitor privacy compliance programs and demonstrate accountability as required.
  • Please refer to browser requirements and recommended whitelisting below.

Phishing (MetaPhish)

  • MetaPhish is a fully functional simulated phishing product that enables organisations to measure their current risk level from a phishing attack.
  • Organisations can choose from over 130 regularly updated templates that are based on real-world threats. 
  • Templates are fully customisable and available in different languages. 
  • Phishing campaigns can be scheduled at any time throughout the year, and the frequency and duration of each campaign can be determined by the administrator. 
  • Employees who don’t spot the email as a likely phish will immediately be presented with a point of need learning experience.
  • Point of need learning experiences can include a warning notice, infographic, survey, or piece of eLearning being presented to the user to explain what has happened, the potential dangers associated with this form of attack and how they can avoid future phishing attempts. 
  •  The detailed reporting dashboard provides an analysis of specific phishing campaigns, enabling organisations to find out just how susceptible their company is to fraudulent phishing emails and help determine which users require additional training.  
  • Please refer to browser requirements and recommended whitelisting below.

eLearning (MetaLearning)

  • MetaLearning combines creativity, expert knowledge and innovative software to deliver effective and engaging content that helps businesses stay cyber secure and compliant.
  • Using stories, realistic scenarios and narratives for context, MetaLearning provides  animated and real-life eLearning courses. 
  • The software enables organisations to create their own personalised and branded eLearning courses from a library of over 300 Cyber Security and Privacy training elements. 
  • Content can be  targeted to specific groups of users, making it much more relevant and authentic to staff.
  • The catalogue of courses come under two categories: Compliance and Nano. The comprehensive compliance courses are between 10 and 45 minutes long and provide users with the knowledge and skills they need to meet stringent regulatory requirements. The Nano courses are less than 3 minutes long and provide targeted learning on specific subjects that users can learn through small sharp bursts.
  • The eLearning courses inform employees to assist in enabling an improved workplace culture.
  • Courses are delivered via the MetaCompliance LMS in both SCORM and MP4 format.
  • Please refer to browser requirements and recommended whitelisting below.

Campaign Management (MetaCampaign)

  • The MetaCampaign software automates annual staff awareness campaigns for the module purchased e.g. MetaPhish or Meta Learning or both if Customer has purchased both.
  • The software can be set up within a matter of hours and will automatically schedule content throughout the course of a year such as policy management, staff assessments, blogs, eLearning and simulated phishing, again dependent upon modules purchased. 
  • Campaigns can be tailored to different audiences, adjustments can be made if risk profiles change, and information can be collated for compliance purposes and to service frameworks such as ISO27001.
  • Please refer to browser requirements and recommended whitelisting below.


  • MetaIncident provides a platform for staff to report any cyber security issues. 
  • This enables organisations to respond to the reported incidents in a timely manner.  
  • The incident management functionality with the MetaIncident module provides a lifecycle view of incident management and provides an incident register to manage issues. 
  • The system provides necessary audits to report to regulators and governance committees.

Browser Requirements for the entire platform

Please ensure that all users are on the latest version of the supported browsers to guarantee the full performance of the MetaCompliance solutions offered in the cloud.

Whitelist requirements 

For MetaPhish customers:

To successfully receive the MetaPhish emails, we would recommend that you whitelist the following address on the organisations perimeter security devices such as firewalls:


For all customers:

To successfully receive all other emails such as Registration and Content Alert emails, we would recommend that you whitelist the following address on the organisations perimeter security devices such as firewalls: