Metacompliance: Supporting IT Assurance at the 5th Annual WARP Forum

September 29, 2014

Metacompliance, the leading provider of policy management solutions to the public sector, today announced their support of the 5th Annual WARP Forum Conference. metacompliance have been working closely with the WARP community since early 2008, supporting regional WARPs and member organisations across the UK. Not only have the company been confirmed as sponsors of the event, CEO Robert O’Brien will play an active role on the day, presenting a round table discussion and chairing focussed workshops on WARPs and the wider public sector.

IT Assurance is crucial to all public sector organisations, management and executive boards across the country are realising that it is not just an IT problem, but is a matter of organisational strategy. Secure information sharing and availability, both internally and across public sector networks, is a central tenet of IT Assurance, and awareness, at all levels of the organisation, is key to delivering this on an ongoing basis. Robert O’Brien explains the synergy between the WARPs and Metacompliance, and why the company are strong supporters of the WARP programme:

“Many public sector organisations are now starting on the IT Assurance journey, and aren’t sure where to go. They require framework and structure, they cannot achieve IT Assurance alone, the more help and support they seek from WARPs and technology partners such as Metacompliance, the more successful their IT Assurance programmes will be. Awareness is a critical factor in all of this, there is a real synergy between the WARP programme and Metacompliance, both acting as enablers for organisations to develop the knowledge, education and awareness required for sustainable, best practice IT Assurance. “

The 5th Annual WARP Conference will be held on 8th September at the Law Society, London. The theme of this year’s conference is WARPs – Opportunities at Home and Abroad, and will look at specific opportunities for WARPs in the UK as well as on an international context. Further information on the Annual WARP Forum programme can be found on the CPNI WARP website.