SC Magazine / MetaCompliance Webinar – The Dummies’ Guide to Cyber Awareness in the age of GDPR (21/11/2018)

October 17, 2018

A practical risk-based approach to implementing GDPR and building a security-aware culture in your organisation.

Are your staff bored and turned off by discussion of GDPR, compliance and cyber-security? And did you truly establish a workable structure for implementing your GDPR compliance strategy – or just produce an Excel spreadsheet? This webinar will consider an expert approach to engaging staff and building a cyber-aware workforce that enables you to fully establish and maintain your GDPR compliance and enhance your organisation’s security posture.

This Webinar will cover:

  • Risk-based approaches – the what and the why?
  • How security is difference from compliance
  • Whether there are downsides to GDPR as a driver of security
  • Apart from GDPR, what other ‘tools’ can help improve and benchmark security
  • The top priorities that should already be in place

 The webinar will take place on the 21st November 2018, 3.00 – 3.30 PM.

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