User Awareness a key issue at InfoSecurity 2010

September 29, 2014

The MetaCompliance team was once again at the InfoSecurity exhibition in London this year. Data collected by staff showed a doubling of organisations visiting the MetaCompliance stand.

“User awareness is the Achilles heel of an information assurance strategy” stated C. J Fox, Principal Product Specialist with MetaCompliance. “Take laptop encryption for example, if a user writes down their user name and password on a yellow post-it note and carries it around sticking to the screen of the laptop, you have the classic weakest link scenario”.

“Only by promoting Infosecurity through a user awareness programme that combines internal policy management and e-learning can organisations begin to change their internal culture and mitigate the risk of a compliance failure. This is why MetaCompliance was so popular at the InfoSecurity show” said Fox.