WEBINAR – Compliance Awareness and Policy Management – Implementing Best Practices

October 8, 2014

Organisations have recognised the challenges surrounding the effort of engaging employees in major compliance initiatives. Those that have had successes, received the necessary Executive support and approached compliance awareness as they would any change management project.

At the core of these change management initiatives lie the usual issues of policies, processes and people. Used appropriately, automation in the form of policy management software and eLearning, can bring significant improvements in user compliance.

Joining Metacompliance on this webinar will be IT GRC industry expert, Michael Rasmussen, who will share his real life experiences gained through working on customer projects around the world. In this presentation, Michael will share his insights into the key challenges faced by organisations looking to change the culture of the organisation whilst providing the necessary outputs required by the various regulatory bodies. In addition, Michael will discuss best practices and provide advice on how to overcome some common pitfalls.