Webinar – Enabling the Second Line of Defence with Effective Policy Management and Oversight (23/01/2019)

January 9, 2019

The Three Lines of Defence is a popular framework for managing Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC). In our first webinar on the Three Lines of Defence we explored the policy implications of the first line of defence – the front line employees. In this webinar we now explore the second line of defence, the risk, security, and policy owners and managers and their job in ensuring that policies are current and understood in the organization. 

Continual growth of regulatory requirements, complex business operations, and global expansion demand a well thought-out and implemented approach to policy management that is governed by the second line of defence. In order to achieve effectiveness, efficiency, and agility in policy management, organizations need to define a structured governance framework and process. However, effectively managing policies is easier said than done. To consistently manage and communicate policies, the second line of defence is turning toward defined processes and technologies to govern policies and implement an effective policy management lifecycle.

This webinar focuses on how to effectively manage and govern policies and enable the second line of defense in your organization through effective policy oversight. 
Attendees will learn:

• GRC and policy management in the context of the Three Lines of Defence Model
• How the second interact with the first and third lines of defense to protect the organization
• How to effectively manage and maintain polices in the organization
• Methods for second line employees to to ensure that first line of employees are aware of policies
• How technology can automate and enable the second line of defence 
• Driving efficiency, effectiveness and agility into all three lines of defence