WEBINAR – Trick or Treat: Could lack of staff education lead to an Information Security nightmare?

December 6, 2016

In this webinar we will address the methods by which your organisation can address the perfect storm of increased Cyber threats combined with a workforce that finds itself on the frontline. During Halloween season, you really want your employees to avoid an incident caused by lack of awareness that turns into an organisational nightmare.

Paying lip service to the “Human Factor” in Information Security is no longer an option. The bad guys know that careless or badly trained employees are the quickest and easiest way to circumvent your security controls.

This webinar will cover how technology such as Policy Management and eLearning systems, can assist in changing the Information Security culture within your organisation. Our speakers will also look at the key measurements for determining success and engaging users in your InfoSec awareness campaign.

Register now to join our awareness experts as they address the highly topical subject of increasing the resilience of your employees from an information governance perspective. We will discuss different methods that will assist your staff in defending themselves against outside attacks such as phishing. We will also look to reinforce their responsibilities in relation to key security requirements including badging in and the protection of data while out of the office.

There many ways to put together a staff awareness campaign, so allow us to share with you some of the experiences that we have acquired through assisting companies in this area. The best awareness campaigns are engaging, provide education and where necessary enforce all staff to participate.

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