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20 November 2019

Webinar - OCEG - Building the Business Case for Better Policy Management (09/12/19)

This Webinar will explore how to develop and pitch a winning business case for improving your organization’s approach to policy management.

28 October 2019

Webinar: Data Breach Today - A New Strategy for Effective Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns ( 06/11/19)

During this webinar we'll explore how organisations can develop a fit-for-purpose cyber awareness strategy that engages employees, reduces risk and ultimately helps create a culture of cyber security awareness.

25 October 2019

Webinar - OCEG - Beyond the shelf – Ensuring policy understanding with communication and training ( 11/11/19)

This Webinar focuses on how to ensure those who need to understand a policy can recall what they need to know when they need to know it.

25 October 2019

Webinar - OCEG - The Policy Enforcement Team – Roles and Responsibilities (13/11/19)

This webinar examines ways to ensure policies are consistently implemented and enforced and outlines the roles different departments play in the process.

15 September 2019

MetaComplince to exhibit at Infosecurity ISACA North America 2019, (20 - 21 November, New York)

MetaCompliance will be exhibiting at Infosecurity ISACA North America 2019, 20 - 21 November in New York. Visit us at stand 2315 to find out how we can help keep your staff safe online, secure your digital assets and protect your corporate reputation.

10 September 2019

Webinar - Infosecurity Magazine - Mitigating the Spear-Phishing Attack Threat ( 03/10/19)

In this webinar, we will explore the various spear-phishing methods used by cyber-attackers and discuss how organizations can protect themselves from this growing threat.

02 September 2019

MetaCompliance to exhibit at the Gartner IT Symposium/ Xpo (3rd - 7th November, Barcelona)

MetaCompliance are excited to be exhibiting at the 2019 Gartner IT Symposium/ Xpo from the 3rd -7th November in Barcelona. Visit us at booth 116 and speak to our team about how we can help automate your cyber awareness campaigns and reduce the risk of compliance failure.

08 August 2019

Webinar - Lions and Tigers and Hackers, oh my! (12/09/19)

Join us as we discuss the techniques, tricks and tips to bring security awareness out of the doldrums and onto the desks of the people that matter — the users

07 August 2019

Webinar - Enabling the Third Line of Defence through Policy Assurance (18/04/19)

Register now - Join us and internationally recognised expert on governance, risk management, and compliance - Michael Rasmussen for a webinar on the 18th April, 3pm GMT. Enabling the Third Line of Defence through Policy Assurance

01 May 2019

MetaCompliance to exhibit at Infosecurity 2019

MetaCompliance are excited to be exhibiting at this year’s Infosecurity 2019, Europe’s largest and most comprehensive Information Security conference. The 3-day event will take place at the Olympia London, 4-6th June, and we would love you to stop by and say hi to the team at stand J100.

01 April 2019

IAPP Webinar : GDPR for Dummies - Lessons from the last 12 months

Register Now - Join us for a webinar in conjunction with the IAPP on: 'GDPR for Dummies - Lessons from the last 12 months'

15 January 2019

Webinar - It's Cyber Awareness Jim, But Not as We Know It (31/01/2019)

As hackers hone their techniques and become more targeted in their attacks, it’s important to educate staff and provide them with role specific Cyber Security training that can equip them to deal with the most up to date Cyber Security threats. At this webinar, attendees will learn how to engage staff with Cyber Security training that is relevant to their role, how automation can be used to improve Cyber Security, and key initiatives for Cyber Security awareness in 2019.

09 January 2019

Webinar - Enabling the Second Line of Defence with Effective Policy Management and Oversight (23/01/2019)

The Three Lines of Defence is a popular framework for managing Governance, Risk Management & Compliance (GRC). In our first webinar on the Three Lines of Defence we explored the policy implications of the first line of defence – the front line employees. In this webinar we now explore the second line of defence, the risk, security, and policy owners and managers and their job in ensuring that policies are current and understood in the organization.

26 November 2018

Webinar - Jingle Bells, Phishing Smells, Hackers Go Away! (18/12/2018)

Phishing scams are a persistent problem for organisations at all times of the year, however there is a steep increase in the number of scams at Christmas as hackers take advantage of distracted staff to launch targeted attacks. When we’re distracted, mistakes happen, and Christmas tends to be the one time of the year when employees let their guard down which can result in a massive loss of sensitive data. Join us at our short webinar to hear about the best practice approaches to getting employees to participate in securing your digital assets.

17 October 2018

SC Magazine / MetaCompliance Webinar - The Dummies' Guide to Cyber Awareness in the age of GDPR (21/11/2018)

Are your staff bored and turned off by discussion of GDPR, compliance and cyber-security? And did you truly establish a workable structure for implementing your GDPR compliance strategy - or just produce an Excel spreadsheet? This webinar will consider an expert approach to engaging staff and building a cyber-aware workforce that enables you to fully establish and maintain your GDPR compliance and enhance your organisation's security posture.