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02 June 2015

Infosecurity Europe 2015

Metacompliance will be in attendance at Europe’s leading information security event Infosecurity Europe 2015 to help celebrate its 20th year.

31 January 2017

MetaCompliance will attend the Cyber Security Exchange for Financial Services Agenda event from 31st Jan – 1st Feb

MetaCompliance will attend the next IQPC Cyber Security event. The event will take place 31st Jan – 1st Feb at the Luton Loo Hotel, Golf and Spa in London.

15 February 2017

Webinar- Practical guidance for implementing GDPR in your organisation

The webinar will address ways in which your organisation can jump head first into their GDPR compliance journey.

08 August 2018

Webinar: 7 Cyber Habits for Mid Sized Organisations (09/08/2018)

Having world class cyber security is a luxury many medium sized enterprises cannot afford. They typically don’t have the same big budget or resources allocated to cyber security that larger organisations have, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Robert O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance, will discuss the 7 cyber habits that will help strengthen and protect your organisation against this growing threat.

15 January 2019

Webinar - It's Cyber Awareness Jim, But Not as We Know It (31/01/2019)

As hackers hone their techniques and become more targeted in their attacks, it’s important to educate staff and provide them with role specific Cyber Security training that can equip them to deal with the most up to date Cyber Security threats. At this webinar, attendees will learn how to engage staff with Cyber Security training that is relevant to their role, how automation can be used to improve Cyber Security, and key initiatives for Cyber Security awareness in 2019.

01 April 2019

IAPP Webinar : GDPR for Dummies - Lessons from the last 12 months

Register Now - Join us for a webinar in conjunction with the IAPP on: 'GDPR for Dummies - Lessons from the last 12 months'

08 August 2019

Webinar - Lions and Tigers and Hackers, oh my! (12/09/19)

Join us as we discuss the techniques, tricks and tips to bring security awareness out of the doldrums and onto the desks of the people that matter — the users