Compliance Management Software

Compliance Management Software that delivers staff and 3rd party participation.

Our compliance management software focuses on the human factor in Compliance. Oversight activities by their very nature are people orientated and the only way to ensure best practice compliance management is to ensure that staff are participating in key compliance awareness activities such as eLearning and Policy Management. MetaCompliance brings the skills, experience and toolsets necessary for you to change your compliance culture and meet your regulatory obligations.



Unique Compliance Management Software

In our digital age, data management is a central concern. Data breaches are a  persistent threat to every organisation - not only in terms of internal operations but also in terms of public image. There is a clear need to be proactive and reconsider approaches to compliance management that ensure both customers and employees  are protected.

Companies face compliance requirements that are becoming ever more complex. Consequently it is no longer feasible - or profitable - to rely on antiquated paper trial manual processes. Our Compliance Management Software automates compliance activity across your organization. It ensures user participation in critical programs such as PCI Compliance, Foreign Corrupt Practices, Anti Money Laundering and others. Moreover our software enables you to demonstrate compliance with mandates, legislations, and codes of conduct to regulators and auditors.

We believe that compliance is the responsibility of every employee at every level of an organisation. Our Compliance Management Software encourages all employees to become active participants and allows you to plan and schedule audits to assess the performance of any employee at any time. Instances of non-conformance can be tracked and recommendations for improvement are offered. You can also obtain feedback from users with our awareness surveys.

The successful integration of this software is assured in the fact that our Compliance Management Software can be accessed on any device, anywhere, any time!

Using the unique compliance management software available from MetaCompliance will ensure your business is fully protected from compliance failures and encourage users to become active participants in the process - fostering a risk-aware culture throughout your organisation.

The MetaCompliance team will work with you using digital and traditional learning and awareness approaches to develop a fit for purpose compliance culture within your organisation. 

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