Compliance is an impossible task using existing methods of communication such as email and corporate intranet. It can only be effectively maintained through the use of a policy management system that streamlines processes and creates an educated workforce.

A policy management system provides organisations with an easy to use, centralised solution for creating, storing and distributing important policy documents. An effective policy management system will be one that has a consistent method of creating policies, adds structure to company procedures and makes it easier to track attestation and responses of staff.

The biggest problem organisations face with information security and compliance is user participation; however, an effective policy management system will ensure that employees are only presented with targeted compliance content that is relevant to their role.

Policy Management

How to Improve Policy Management in your Organisation

The MetaCompliance Policy Management software contains all the key elements required to automate, deliver, and manage the policy management life cycle.

It enables organisations to enforce and sustain compliance and information governance communications that develop an educated and vigilant workforce.

The software allows organisations to regularly test and risk assess users on their knowledge of corporate information security and compliance practices with minimal time and effort. Staff have inclusive access to compliance and can access the technology anytime, anywhere, from any device.

The product provides the functionality that automates the measurement of user awareness on an ongoing basis. It provides an accurate account of compliance awareness levels, and the detailed management reports enable organisations to pinpoint key areas that present the highest risks to data security.