With attacks against businesses doubling in the last five years, it’s vital that organisations invest in effective security awareness training to ensure their staff are equipped to deal with the most up to date security threats.

New threats are emerging all the time and organisations can’t just rely on their technological defences to keep them safe. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated social engineering techniques to by-pass these defences and all it takes is one employee to click on a malicious link and it’s game over.

Your employees are your first line of defence against cybercrime, so it’s vital they are equipped with all the knowledge and skills they need to protect your organisation. Security Awareness training is the best way to educate staff and create a security first culture.

Change Behaviour with Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training

Within the last decade, training methods have changed dramatically. Organisations are no longer restricted to classroom-based training or a tick-box one day course to demonstrate Cyber Security compliance. Employees need to become engaged with the training to fully understand what is required of them and the importance of their role in the overall security of the organisation.

For training to resonate, it needs to be role specific, tailored, fun, and address the challenges that staff face on a day to day basis. Providing your employees with easy to consume content that is relevant to their role is a critical step in changing their behaviour.

The best way to achieve this is through security awareness training that leverages a wide variety of different tools and techniques. Engaging videos, realistic scenarios, quizzes, policies and real-world phishing simulation tests will ensure that staff are fully trained to recognise and identify the most up to date threats.

Organisations can also utilise communications and marketing tools such as blogs, awareness posters and real-life case studies to reinforce key messaging.

According to Gartner: “By 2020, organisations that use a multipronged approach to Cyber Security Awareness will experience a 40% increase in overall employee security competency compared to their position in 2017.”

Security awareness training is key to mitigating risk and creating a security mindset amongst staff.

Annual Campaign of Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training should be an ongoing process and conducted at regular intervals throughout the year. Training employees once a year on Cyber Security is simply not enough to equip them to deal with the myriad of evolving threats. Security policies could be rendered useless unless organisations have a thorough and continual way of monitoring Cyber Security compliance.

Cybercriminals will launch scams to coincide with seasonal and monthly events, so unless your employees are receiving regular training on the most up to date security threats, they will not be able to recognise the devious new attack methods that are being used to target them.

To effectively change employee behaviour and create a culture of enhanced Cyber Security awareness, organisations should create an annual security awareness campaign that encompasses engaging videos, policies, quizzes, surveys and simulated phishing. This will help keep staff engaged and prevent them from getting fatigued with the same repetitive content. Organisations can tailor different awareness materials to different groups of users depending on the specific threats they face.

MetaCompliance Security Awareness Training

Despite being a key business concern, cyber security often receives the least attention. A major reason for this is that the subject is often perceived as being dull and boring. MetaCompliance alleviates this problem through an innovative approach. This involves a blend of high-quality eLearning, best in class automation, and support from experienced awareness professionals.

With over 12 years’ experience in the Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) market, MetaCompliance has redefined how businesses approach cyber security. The company has developed an innovative cloud platform that provides customers with a fully integrated suite of compliance capabilities that includes policy management, privacy, eLearning, simulated phishing, and security awareness training.

The platform’s ease of use, engaging user experience, and regularly updated content ensures staff participation, whilst enabling organisations to gain an accurate account of compliance awareness levels and meet stringent regulatory requirements.