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Cyber Police: Live Action Learning that Engages Staff!

Ahead of its launch in January 2023, the official trailer for Cyber Police, Season One is here!

Our brand-new live action series, Cyber Police, is based on real-life security breaches and cyber scams. Cyber Police charts the story of our three main characters and their struggle with the ever evolving threat landscape.

Using the familiar “cop show” narrative to convey current threats and cybercrimes, this new educational series is sure to grip your audience and change how end users participate in cyber security and compliance training.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon…

New Training Content

Stay Ahead of Critical Security Risks with our Secure Coding Series

In today’s evolving cyber threat landscape, software flaws and poor coding practices can lead to crippling consequences for organisations, including data breaches, financial loss and reputational damage.

In 2021, OWASP released their updated ‘Top 10 Web Application Security Risks’ to raise awareness of the current security landscape and improve the security of software.

This month, we’re excited to launch our new 2021 Secure Coding Series, which seeks to distil the information collated by OWASP into a format that can be easily digested. Topics include: ‘What is Secure Coding?’, ‘Broken Access Control’ and ‘Cryptographic Failures’.


Three New Languages Added to ‘Cyber Essentials’ Series

To help your organisation improve user retention of cyber security best practices, our Cyber Essentials series will be coming available in three new languages, including Chinese, Russian and Portuguese (Brazilian).

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Increase Awareness with Localised Phish Templates

We’ve created over 20 new phishing templates that impersonate various global banks, as well as Google and Zoom.

Each template is fully localised for multiple territories, with an accompanying Red Flags Learning Experience. 

What's New in MyCompliance?

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Free Resources

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Awareness Campaign Planner – Get Ahead for 2023

Download our Security Awareness Campaign Planner to plan your cyber awareness program for 2023. This editable template enables you to easily schedule 12 months of awareness activities and provide a structured approach to cyber security awareness.

Upcoming Webcasts

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Could Social Engineering Exist Without Email

Date: 23/02/22 15:00 GMT

Don’t miss out on our upcoming webcast with Robbie O’Brien, CEO of MetaCompliance and James Linton, Social Engineer and Email Prankster. This 45-minute webcast examines why email remains a favoured target for malicious attacks and explores ways for organisations to fortify their defences.

Did You Know?

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Identify Devices Used by Phish Victims

With the Phish Device Report, Admins can identify the device-type used by staff who have interacted with a phish. In doing so, Admins can spot patterns in behaviour, determine where the risks lie and whether additional training is required.

Meet The Team

What is Your Favourite eLearning Nano, and Why?

My favourite Nano video is ‘Safe Web Browsing’, as it is relevant to everyone who inputs data on a webpage that may not be properly secured. It provides great examples of what Personal Data is, as well as advice on what to look for when you browse a particular website; for example, remembering to look for the ‘lock’ icon and the secure “https” within the URL that appears in the web address bar.


Diane Divin

Customer Experience Onboarding Lead

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