Automated Security Awareness Training

Easily automate security awareness training, phishing and policies in minutes.

Automated Security Awareness Training

Easily automate Security Awareness Training, phishing and policies in minutes.

Strengthening your organisation’s information security posture against cyber attacks has become a race against the clock.

As cybercriminals become increasingly sophisticated, cyber attacks are no longer a matter of if, but when. The challenge is that planning an effective security awareness campaign takes time and resource.

Get Ahead with ‘Always On’ Security Awareness Training

Many resource-constrained organisations often struggle to provide even basic Security Awareness Training for their workforce, let alone develop a security awareness program that drives behaviour change. Automated Security Awareness Training provides an engaging learning experience for end users, all year round, to ensure cyber security threats stay top of mind.

Remediate Risk with Automated Security Awareness Training

MetaCompliance’s automated security awareness solution enables organisations to schedule their Security Awareness Training for the entire year and mitigate the risk of human-born error. Using a “set it and forget it” approach, automation of security training allows CISOs to save time and resources. This is a proactive and organised way of carrying out effective training programs, as opposed to hoping that an ad hoc approach to training will be enough.

Automated Security Awareness Training
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Automating your Security Awareness Training campaign makes it easy to
implement an effective cyber awareness program with minimal effort.

The Benefits of Automated Security Awareness Training

Automated Security Awareness Training offers a cost-effective way to get a robust and effective security training program up and running, and keep up the momentum.

Set your Security Awareness Campaign up for Success

Check out our 5 steps to successfully implement your cyber security awareness campaign.

Automated Security Awareness Training

Take Care of Compliance Requirements and Reporting

Our automated workflow helps to prove the effectiveness of your security awareness program and provides the regulatory reporting required to demonstrate compliance obligations have been met. With our reporting functionality, it is simple to measure performance, gain insights and have full visibility of your security awareness program across the organisation.

Powerful Security Awareness Training with Personality

Create an automated curriculum, and continually deliver curated Security Awareness Training that is specific to your employees’ roles, responsibilities and company culture. Help to engage end users with a positive learning experience that encapsulates personality and truly improves employees’ cyber security behaviours.

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Security Awareness Campaign Planner

Security Awareness Campaign Planner

Plan for the year ahead, and provide a robust defence against cyber threats.

See our Security Awareness Features

Automated Security Awareness Training
World-class content

Educate and engage employees with award-winning training from our extensive eLearning library, expertly produced with personality in mind.

Automated Security Awareness Training
Phish remediation

Automate the phishing incident response process, and issue users a phish remediation course, or an additional phishing simulation, to increase vigilance.

Automated Security Awareness Training
Customised courses

Create tailored and targeted cyber security training courses that are specific your organisation’s needs and culture. Add multiple elements such as branding, video and quizzes to engage your users.

Automated Security Awareness Training
Microsoft Teams integration

Improve adoption rates and engagement with the MyCompliance Teams App. Enable users to complete their Security Awareness Training and policies without leaving the familiarity of the Microsoft Teams platform.

Automated Security Awareness Training
Management reporting

Boost performance, and develop your people towards greater results with transparent reporting that demonstrates regularlory requirements have been met.

Automated Security Awareness Training
Localised content

Increase employee engagement, completion rates and retention, with world-class training available in over 40 languages.


Automated Security Awareness Training helps to enhance organisational resilience against cyber threats by engaging employees with cyber security training, all year round.

By creating an automated security awareness campaign, organisations can help to educate and empower employees to change their behaviours and protect the company from potential risk. Automation benefits all stakeholders in the delivery of, management and end-user experience of Security Awareness Training.

Automated Security Awareness Training offers a cost-effective way to get a robust and effective security training program up and running, and keep up the momentum. It helps to keep cyber security best practices top of mind all year long and engage employees in a continuous learning cycle. Using a “set it and forget it” approach, automated security training allows CISOs to save time and scale their security awareness campaigns, without requiring additional resources.

Automated Security Awareness Training also provides an important audit trail. The metrics and audit of awareness training, across multiple touchpoints, can be used to feed data back into the awareness training to improve it. These audit trails also support the regulatory defence required in the event of a breach or during a compliance audit.

Making cyber security training engaging is not necessarily an easy thing to do. With automated Security Awareness Training, employee engagement can be achieved. Automation makes it simple to schedule continuous training that is personalised according to roles and responsibilities, localised, gamified and delivered with personality.

The overhead of managing a Security Awareness Training program can be off-putting for a busy IT department. The costs associated with planning, developing and managing a Security Awareness Training program can mean a company may simply decide not to perform the training. Worse still, the company may take on Security Awareness Training, but not get the most out of a program.

MetaCompliance helps to automate the setting up, management and ongoing upkeep of all the aspects required in a security awareness program, including eLearning, policies, phishing simulations and risk assessments.

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