Security Awareness Training
for the Tech Industry

No industry has remained unscathed from cyber attacks, but in recent years, there has been a notable increase in attacks on the tech industry.

1 %
of all cyber attacks now target the supply chain, and the tech industry is particularly vulnerable to these types of attacks
1 %
increase in cyber attacks experienced by the technology industry during 2020
1 %
increase in attacks on cloud services from mid-2019 to mid-2020
the technology industry is the most attacked sector globally

Why Do You Need Security Awareness for the Tech Industry?

The tech industry is worth $5 trillion globally and, whilst the pandemic hit many industries hard, the tech industry enjoyed a strong year while many people turned to online solutions for their work and home lives.

Digital transformation has accelerated at a rapid speed, and cybercriminals have been quick to exploit any gaps in security, both with the technology providers themselves and the individuals utilising the technology.

It is interesting to note that in the recent SolarWinds breach, the perpetrators focused particular attention on technology companies, including Cyber Security firms entrusted to detect malicious activity in their clients’ networks.

What are the Benefits of Security Awareness Training
for the Tech Industry?

Automation to ensure user participation.

Tailor security awareness training to the tech industry.

Increase cyber security awareness amongst employees.

Engaging and easy-to-use portal.

Targeted content based on user role.

A calendar view of all communications.

A clear audit trail.

Enforcement capabilities.

Defending Against Cyber Threats in the Tech Industry

MyCompliance cloud provides customers with a fully integrated and multi-lingual suite of compliance capabilities that includes policy management, privacy, eLearning, simulated phishing and risk management.

The platform delivers the functionality that automates the measurement of user awareness on an ongoing basis. It enables organisations to gain an accurate account of compliance awareness levels, mitigate risk, meet stringent regulatory requirements, improve human and financial efficiencies and effectively manage GRC in a fast-changing business environment.

The flexibility and simplicity of the product guarantees user participation, and organisations can effectively demonstrate 100% compliance with key policies and training through its innovative technology.

We’re Transforming Security Awareness Training
in the Tech Industry

MetaCompliance works closely with us to understand our requirements and help us to refine our internal service offering. The most tangible change has been the ability to actually quantify attestation from our user base. This has been invaluable not only to put our own minds at ease that our policies are being read and our training completed, but also provides evidence for our external auditors that we take information security seriously.
Chris Philips
ICT Security Manager, Swansea Bay UHB

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