Security Awareness Training for the Healthcare Sector

Security awareness training for the healthcare sector is more important than ever. Large volumes of confidential data, combined with an extensive network of connected medical devices, make the healthcare sector a prime target for cybercriminals.
1 %
increase in ransomware attacks targeting healthcare sector
malicious emails sent to NHS staff in 2020
1 %
of all healthcare sector data breaches are caused by phishing ​
1 %
increase in healthcare breaches since 2019

Why Do You Need
Security Awareness Training?

Healthcare organisations are increasingly finding themselves on the front lines of cyberattacks involving malware, security incidents, phishing, DDoS and data theft. It is clear that hackers will continue to target the healthcare sector while there are profits to be made, whether selling stolen patient data or holding healthcare systems hostage until their demands are met.

Tailored security awareness training for the healthcare sector is the most powerful weapon against these continually evolving threats and techniques.

What are the Benefits of Security Awareness Training
for the Healthcare Sector?

Ensure 100% compliance rates for regulatory reporting

Engage employees in security awareness training all year round

Automate your annual security awareness campaigns.

Embed a culture of cyber security awareness

Educate employees about cyber security threats and increase awareness

Evaluate the effectiveness of cyber security awareness training with reporting and analysis functionality​

Empower employees to change their behaviours, identify threats and protect your organisation from potential risk

Enable staff to self-serve in eLearning content that is customised for the healthcare sector, at a time and pace that suits

A Tailored Approach to
Security Awareness Training

MyCompliance Cloud provides a one-stop-shop solution for security awareness training and compliance capabilities in one powerful platform.

The integrated, SaaS-based software tailors security awareness training for the healthcare sector, provides defence, and delivers regulator reporting to ensure compliance obligations are met.

Taking a people-centric approach to cyber security, MyCompliance Cloud helps to create a more secure workforce, educate end users and protect your organisation against cyber risks.

We’re Transforming Security Awareness Training
in the Healthcare Sector

I have to say that I have worked in IT for nearly 40 years and the approach and support we have received from MetaCompliance has been by far the best I have ever experienced. I cannot emphasise how supportive and customer-focused MetaCompliance has been and continue to be. We’ve never had a third-party work with us in this way, it’s amazing.
Chris Philips
ICT Security Manager, Swansea Bay UHB

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