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Cyber Threats Increase Due to Russian-Ukraine Crisis

The escalating conflict in Ukraine will change the risk posture of many organisations. As the heightened security threat continues to escalate, the implications will be felt far beyond the region’s borders. To provide immediate assistance, we have assembled resources to help organisations navigate through times of uncertainty. These resources include a blog, exploring how organisations can bolster their cyber security resilience in response to the conflict in Ukraine.

A collection of phishing templates, related to the ongoing conflict have also been created as cybercriminals seek to capitalise on the chaos and cripple critical infrastructures. MetaCompliance will shortly release a new eLearning title to empower employees to detect and defend against increased cyber threats as a result of the global tension – more details coming soon!

Build, Export and Upload Fusion Courses to Your Own LMS

We are excited to announce our SCORM Transfer functionality will be launching later this month and will enable organisations to utilise Fusion courses outside of the MyCompliance platform. 

Using our Fusion Course Creator, admins have the flexibility
to create unique, varied courses for specific user groups that can then be exported and uploaded onto an alternative LMS. 

eLearning Library Updates

Role-Based Phishing Titles – Available Now!

Security Awareness Training is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Cybercriminals will send targeted attacks to specific recipients within an organisation, using sophisticated social engineering techniques. As such, your employees must be prepared to face the unique threats they face on a day-to-day basis.

Our role-based phishing titles help to educate employees, with rich content that is tailored specifically to their role and responsibilities. By addressing these types of attacks, and how to identify them, staff are empowered and educated to protect the organisation from cyber risk.

Our tailored training material has been created for 9 highly targeted job roles and is available in 16 languages.

UK GDPR Series Available Now

Privacy is an ongoing concern for every organisation, however, the notion of consent isn’t without its complications. To help organisations navigate data protection protocols, we are excited to announce the launch of our UK GDPR series. The series includes 11 engaging Nano videos and 6 interactive elements that focus on the UK’s specific privacy requirements. These titles will help you to educate and inform your staff on the current legislation and ensure compliance.

Simply search for ‘UK GDPR’ in the eLearning library on the MyCompliance platform.

What's New in MyCompliance?

Create an Awareness Campaign in Just a Few Clicks with Campaign Templates!

Save time, and set your awareness campaign up for success with our pre-populated templates. Whether you need an awareness campaign for your C-Level suite or new starts, we have a campaign template just for that! There’s no need to start from scratch, or reinvent the wheel, with our library of curated campaign templates that can be easily replicated, over and over.

Increase user engagement with a customised MyCompliance URL.

Preview Phish & Fusion Course Steps from the Campaign Flowbuilder

Drive adoption rates using the MyCompliance Teams App

Free Gartner Awareness Research

Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Security Awareness Program

The measurement of a security awareness program’s success is crucial to determine its success or failure.

This measurement helps to prove that the program is improving end-user behaviours, as well as mitigating cyber risk.

Download the Gartner Peer Connect Perspectives report to explore the best practices and action-oriented metrics that maximise program effectiveness.

Upcoming Webcasts

Fighting Cybercrime in the Financial Services Sector

Date: 24/03/22 15:00 GMT

When it comes to cybercrime, no industry is safe. However, cyber attacks are a growing concern in the financial services sector.

Financial institutions collect an abundance of sensitive data from their customers, making them a highly lucrative target for cybercriminals in their quest for monetary gain.

Join us for our upcoming webcast, titled ‘Fighting Cybercrime in the Financial Services Sector’, with Independent Advisor and International Speaker, Neira Jones. This 50-minute webcast explores the financial industries evolving threat landscape and how it can mitigate cyber risk.

Did You Know?

Improve Adoption Levels with Automatic Weekly Reminder Emails

User engagement rates and adoption levels can be improved with automatic weekly reminders.

Content notification emails are automatically triggered, once a week, until the user has completed their outstanding content, or the defined maximum number of attempts has been reached.

Learn how to set up automatic weekly reminder emails.

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“My favourite Nano is ‘A Student Guide to Scams’. Students have become an increasingly popular target for cybercriminals, especially with the pandemic and the shift to remote learning. It has never been more important to educate students and ensure they are equipped to recognise cyber threats.”

Dean Bjourson

Senior Customer Success Manager

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