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The good news doesn’t stop there! We’re also excited to launch our new Knowledge Base which aims to provide all of the information you need to make the most of the MyCompliance platform.

Using the Knowledge Base, you’ll be able to find answers to common questions, view how-to guides, and submit support tickets, all in one place.

eLearning Library Updates

Outrageously Good Security Training – City Factory Productions™ – Coming Soon!

We are passionate about engaging users with Security Awareness Training that really works. Now we have taken our content development to a new standard with our premium City Factory Productions™ subscription, that aims to bring staff participation to new levels!

Be Your Own Cyber Hero

Our upcoming eLearning series promotes cyber security best practices in an environment far removed from computers and offices.

The ‘Be Your Own Cyber Hero’ series reinforces the message that not all heroes wear capes. By helping to combat cyber threats, everyone can be a cyber security superhero. Check out the trailer video and keep your eyes peeled for the series coming soon!

What's New in MyCompliance?

Understand your employee engagement through our new and improved reporting.

Automatically reduce your organisation’s cyber risk by automating employee training.

Increase user participation through our improved desktop delivery functionality.

Create impactful learning experiences using video training in phishing education.

Maintenance Announcement

Latest Microsoft Update For Office 365 Customers May Impact Phishing Simulations

Microsoft is currently rolling out a new update to all Office 365 customers which may require a change to your existing whitelisting rules. This update is important to ensure the successful delivery of any simulated phishing emails.

If this change is not applied, there is a risk that MetaPhish emails could be marked as ‘junk’ or may be rejected by your mail server.

We are currently working with Microsoft to improve the Advanced Delivery functionality for phishing simulations for our customers. To configure Advanced Delivery for phishing simulations, click ‘read more’.

Upcoming Webcasts

Incident Management: Controlling the Chaos

Date: 25/11/21 15:00 GMT

The aftermath of a cyber attack can be chaotic.

By reinstating normal operations as quickly as possible, organisations can limit the damage when an attack occurs.

Join us for our upcoming webcast with Sarah Armstrong-Smith – Microsoft Chief Security Officer, titled ‘Incident Management: Controlling the Chaos’. This 40-minute webcast will explore what organisations should do to help them stand in good stead after a cyber attack occurs.

Did You Know?

Add up to 50 Phishing Templates to a Single Phishing Simulation

Check out our step-by-step tutorial, and learn how to easily add multiple phish templates to a single phishing simulation. Using this functionality, users will receive a variety of phishing templates from different domains as part of a campaign.

This will increase vigilance in your organisation and help employees to identify the warning signs of phishing attacks.


Meet The Team

What is your favourite eLearning Nano and why?

“My favourite Nano is ‘Why Am I A Target‘ as it has a very impactful message and is a great starting point for courses and campaigns. The learning outcome is applicable to people in various roles and levels of seniority within organisations. The animation is excellent and the character library is shown really effectively.”

Luke Noonan

Enterprise Sales Manager