Why has no one signed up to our staff policies?

Because Policy Management is harder than it sounds.

Struggling with policy management

This is the easiest way to get staff to sign up to policies!


It takes effort to get people to sign up to your staff policies. Yet policies are critical to providing guidance on the organisation’s approach to Information Security and Compliance.

How can you expect people to follow the rules, if they don’t know what the rules are?

The magic of the MetaEngage policy management solution lies in its unique ability to obtain employee attestation of staff policies. This avoids the need for management to chase staff participation and sign up, saving huge amounts of time.

The software will encourage the user to electronically sign the policy through levels of insistence determined by you. This results in higher levels of staff engagement and provides a single source of truth to allow reporting for management oversight, Auditors and Regulators.

Policy Management by Design

In today’s regulatory landscape, organisations need a coordinated strategy for policy management to reduce risk and streamline processes. An effective policy management system will be one that has a consistent method of creating policies, adds structure to company procedures and makes it easier to track attestation and responses of staff. To find out how your organisation can improve its approach to policy management, download our Free guide – Policy Management by Design by internationally recognised pundit on governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC), Michael Rasmussen.

Policy Management by Design

Effective Policy Management software


  • Effectively manage key policies

  • Obtain policy affirmation and understanding

  • Staff self-management of policies

  • Consistent policy lifecycle

  • Easy to use - Graphically engaging

  • Perform staff knowledge assessments


  • Provide support for disciplinary actions

  • Increase policy participation and adoption

  • Reporting for Auditors and Regulators

  • Quantify staff understanding of policies

  • Target policies to specific groups of users


  • Minimise the effort and cost of policy management

  • Increase staff knowledge of threats, risks and controls

  • Mitigate risk of financial sanction and reputational damage

  • Avoid a one size fits all approach to policies

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