Belfast Metropolitan College

About Belfast Metropolitan College

Belfast Met is the largest further and Higher Education College in Northern Ireland and one of the largest in the UK. The institution provides a wide breadth of education and training at all levels and courses ranging from apprenticeships to post graduate study.


Belfast Met is spread across four campuses, has over 37,000 student enrolments and over 1,000 employees. The institution also procures around £7 million of goods and services per year.

Despite this, they lacked a consistent and coordinated approach to communicating new policies and processes and had no way of revising the existing policies and processes that were in place.

As the institution works across many different campuses, with staff working across each, it had no defined central repository for policies. They also had no ability to segment targeted groups with specific policy and process updates – which is crucial to ensure the right people get the right policies, while excluding those the policies are not relevant to.

The lack of policy update control for Belfast Met was impacting staff efforts and team communication and they required a solution that would refresh its entire policy process aligning it with the organisation’s 21st Century approach.


Belfast Met had a specific set of criteria when they started exploring a solution for their policy management concerns. They wanted a product that could provide a facility for all college policies, procedures and processes to be held centrally and disseminated electronically to staff, students and third parties.

They also needed the ability to track these policies to ensure that they have been read, understood and adhered to by staff, students and third parties.

MetaCompliance offered the ideal solution – Advantage. A unique policy management system with enforcement capabilities. This ensured that Belfast Met could guide their staff, students and third parties to the policies that applied to each of them. This policy management system could be centrally administered and automated, enabling Belfast Met to deliver and manage their entire policy management lifecycle easily.


Advantage gave Belfast Met the control it needed to react quickly to changes in policies and procedures. Due to this new centralised control, it was now easier to raise awareness of college policies amongst staff. This enabled them to assign the right policies, to the right people, at the right time.

With Advantage, Belfast Met can enforce standards and consistency in message and paperwork throughout the entire organisation and across all four of its campuses in the Belfast area. This has provided increased accountability and management visibility, with both aspects feeding into a greater compliance status for Belfast Met.

By implementing this solution, Belfast Met has been able to create a continuous state of readiness for both external and internal audits in relation to non-compliance. This increases Belfast Met’s compliance culture and overall security posture.

In the past, policy management was labour intensive as it wasn’t all centralised, this meant a lot of manual work spread across many different platforms. With this newfound centralised and automated solution, Belfast Met could automate monitoring and complete compliance gap analysis quickly and effectively. This also had the bonus of supporting Belfast Met’s overall risk management and governance programmes with an integrated, quantifiable view of regulatory compliance.

The real-time reporting tools within Advantage include extensive drill down capabilities. This gave Belfast Met a global view of all activities related to compliance, and risk management and helped minimise the risk of non-certification.

The access to automated surveys and assessments means that no employee, student or third party ever misses a policy they are required to comply with, resulting in the elimination of missed deadlines for compliance processes and procedures.

Belfast Met has also found the MetaCompliance support team has been readily available with quick turnaround for all needs at every stage of the process from implementation to after care support.