Dublin Dental School

Industry Summary

The Dublin Dental School and Hospital has a heritage of over 100 years. As the largest dental education and training organisation in Ireland, the Dublin Dental School and Hospital has over 700 staff and students with responsibility for dental education, research and patient services. It consistently strives to implement and integrate innovative ICT healthcare solutions to gain advantage for their patients, students and staff.

Business Drivers

The Dublin Dental School and Hospital (DDSH) implemented the MetaCompliance Policy Classic software solution. One of the key drivers for installing the policy enforcement tool was the School and Hospital’s strategic priority to become accredited to the Irish Health Services Accreditation Board (IHSAB) and achieve compliance with ISO17799 Security Standard – a strategy dove-tailing with one of their holistic strategic goals of a “paperless environment”.

“The objectives are to efficiently, effectively and securely address the information requirements of the DDSH in education, research and patient care and to provide a sound and “safe” foundation for the future which will pave the way to our ultimate goal, a ‘paperless’ dental school and hospital” said Luke Feeney, IS Manager of the DDSH. “We identified the MetaCompliance policy communicator tool as a solution to critically assist us in achieving accreditation and success in these three areas.”


Luke Feeney said, “Classic allows us to unequivocally communicate our policies and procedures through the flexibility inherent in the solution. Previous to the software solution, we used email and our Intranet as a means of referencing our policies and procedures. This was not proving to be wholly effective nor reliant as not everyone may access their email accounts on a timely basis plus there was no means of recording the policy acceptance or even that they had read and understood the message! MetaCompliance Policy Classic has been one of the key enablers in providing the DDSH with the capabilities to achieve accreditation with the Irish Health Services Accreditation Board and ISO17799 compliance.”