Energia Group

What were the main issues you faced before implementation of the software?

We performed inductions and communicated awareness via internal communications, however it was determined this was not the best method of delivering security awareness. We agreed that a full training program would be better placed to educate our staff and make them aware of the current threats and risks.

What where your primary reasons for purchasing the software?

We felt that a full security education awareness program would be best suited in delivering this vital component of risk mitigation to our staff. The MetaCompliance software also enabled us to conduct Phishing tests with our staff to regularly test our user’s training and vigilance.

How did you find implementation of the software and follow up procedure?

MetaCompliance is a cloud solution and as such is accessible via a browser which our staff are well versed on accessing. We also included relevant links within our Intranet page to direct staff to the MetaCompliance portal.

Has the software solved your problem?

MetaCompliance has enabled us to deliver better awareness to our staff in a more effective manner and we believe the content of the videos and courses is excellent. The addition of quizzes and phishing tests provides added benefit and has solved our issue of collating results manually.

What are the biggest organisational changes that have occurred?

The biggest change is that InfoSec awareness training is now a regular topic on our Risk Management Committee agenda and is imbedded into our Security strategy which is approved by the Energia Management Board. Security awareness has become a common discussion point and staff are now subconsciously questioning the validity of any emails they receive.

What are the main benefits you have you have noted?

  • Increased staff awareness
  • Phishing test simulations
  • Greater reporting
  • Better employee engagement
  • Discussion points at various board levels
  • More interactive delivery of security awareness training

Would you recommend MetaCompliance to similar organisations within your particular industry?

MetaCompliance is really helpful whether it’s from a support perspective or continuous customer engagement. Customer relations is a great benefit to our organisation, and we feel the team at MetaCompliance are on board with our strategic approach to InfoSec awareness training. I would have no hesitation in recommending MetaCompliance and feel the benefits we have felt from acquiring this service would also hugely benefit other organisations.