Mater Private Hospital

Industry Summary

The Mater Private Hospital is one of Ireland’s leading private hospitals – a centre of medical excellence offering the very highest standard of acute medical treatment. Since it’s opening in 1986, the Mater Private Hospital has pioneered major developments in Irish medicine particularly in the area of technological innovation. The hospital employees 700 medical and support staff with over 140 specialist consultants and a turnover in excess of €100M.

Business Drivers

A strategic priority for the Mater Private Hospital was the improvement of their methods of placing controls on its 250 computer user-based employees. The hospital realised that they were facing demands for compliance – from regulation, security, risk management and internal audits. The emergence of a more litigious work environment was causing the hospital to review many of their policies, processes and procedures. The traditional methods of communicating policies were not working. Speaking about the problems they were experiencing, Michael Power, IT Manager of the Mater Private Hospital said, “Our methods of communicating to our staff were through email and departmental presentations however these were proving to be time-consuming and ineffective. We had no means of auditing or logging which employees had read. We did not know if they understood and agreed to the policies and procedures of our organization. We certainly had no means of guaranteeing that everyone concerned had actually opened the email or even attended the presentation. We were constantly chasing people.”


When asked how the solution fitted in with their organisation Michael Power replied, “In conjunction with our internet filtering software and email filtering software, MetaCompliance Policy Classic completed the last third of the pie. MetaCompliance® Limited delivered the project within the specified time deadline and within budget. We are extremely happy with the service we received from MetaCompliance and the software’s performance. The solution is simple to use and it has given back control to the management of the hospital whilst driving down our administration costs.”