We have been using the MetaCompliance bundle package for the last couple of months and we are very happy with the package and the support from the company in accessing and using their portal. As an IT Systems Administrator, I found their introductory call and walk through their portal very informative and easy to follow.

I have since used the portal to create accounts for users in our organisation, grouping them into specific departments and then creating learning courses. The courses can use MetaCompliance training videos specifically focused around cybersecurity, phishing scams, password education and many more, or you can upload your own.

I like the idea that users get a registration email once you publish a course to them. I can then tell through the portal if they have successfully registered and when they have completed the course. It can also be set up to award a certificate at the end of each course

How has the use of the ‘MyCompliance’ product suite improved your cyber security culture?
It’s been a very helpful tool in allowing our IT department to get the message out there in relation to cyber security. We have 3 main business sites and employees who are out on the road. It’s a great tool to allow us to compile learning and compliance modules that target all of our employees via email from the portal. You can never be too careful with cyber Security. I can honestly say that since we started using MetaCompliance, we have raised security awareness within our company on a major scale.

What benefits has MetaPhish brought to Maxol?
The MetaPhish content is relevant, informative and interesting for the end user.

Would you recommend MetaCompliance to other organisations?
I would happily recommend MetaCompliance to other organisations. The portal is easy to use and enables organisations to use a vast array of training videos and modules. You can issue a certificate for courses completed and it’s easy to collate information on employees who have completed the training courses.