The City of London Police

The City of London Police (COLP) is responsible for London’s financial district, the City, also known as the “Square Mile”. There are 727 police officers in the force, 61 special constables and just over 400 support staff – serving the 300,000 people who work in the City, 9000 residents and 4 million visitors every year.

COLP are subject to a wide range of externally determined laws and regulations, which are routinely supplemented by standards, policies and procedures of its own. It is increasingly important that all officers and staff are able to identify the relevant policy, comply with the most recent version and that they, and the business, are able to demonstrate high levels of compliance.

The Challenges

  • Best use of police time
    Prior to the installation of Metacompliance, COLP relied on a traditional, manual approach to deliver and communicate policies, terms and conditions, code of conduct and training information to all employees. Manual approaches to communicating information are usually very resource intensive (both time and money), often requiring management intervention and the chasing of staff.
  • The impact of growing financial constraints
    The reality faced by many organisations in various sectors not only throughout the UK but also on a global scale is the pressure faced by tightening budgets. The City of London Police is no different. Service demand was increasing while their financial supply was decreasing.
  • Staff awareness of policies
    COLP recognised that user awareness is an integral issue regarding compliance and risk mitigation. They have taken the necessary steps to become more efficient in their internal operations – a change that would positively impact the performance of their staff, improve the quality of their service and be more cost effective.

The Solution

After researching the market for a software solution, COLP decided that MetaCompliance best suited their needs. Gary Brailsford-Hart explained the need for a solution that is “centrally administered, easy to use, and would tightly integrate and support the delivery of a managed learning environment.” Metacompliance Software fulfilled the requirements of the City of London Police in three key areas:

  • People
    The ability of the MetaCompliance to streamline how the organisation dealt with multiple policies and procedures has increased productivity and improved accountability without increasing the workload.
    Ultimately for COLP the choice of software was about enhancement of the performance of their “bobbies on the beat” and it was the Metacompliance Policy Management and Staff Training Software that was selected to support their staff in their continued efforts to deliver a top-class service.
  • Process
    COLP was facing compliance requirements that were becoming ever more complex. Consequently it was no longer feasible to rely on an antiquated paper trail and manual processes. Metacompliance automated compliance activity across the force, ensuring participation in a range of critical programs.
    Moreover the software enabled COLP to demonstrate compliance with mandates, legislations, and codes of conduct to regulators and auditors.
    Metacompliance offered a centralised communication platform, an approach that enabled COLP to get messages out to appropriate departments more quickly and allowed them to see who had actually read the messages.
    As Brailsford-Hart reflected: “only with the use of our automated compliance tool could the force hope to maintain best practice and support their officers.” Metacompliance software, therefore, supported their progression to a more efficient and effective police force.
  • Technology
    The Metacompliance solution offered the opportunity to push out learning to the police officers. Up to this point the COLP had to use already limited police time to bring a group of officers into a classroom to learn about compliance regulations.
    Metacompliance, however, allowed the officers to access the training modules from their desktop or tablet devices to complete at a time that was convenient for them.

The software also allowed the monitoring of progress and sent alerts to both staff and management when approaching key deadlines.

The Results

The Metacompliance software helped streamline COLP compliance procedures. Police officers are now spending more time out on the city streets. Every year the COLP carry out an audit of all their hand held radios which in the past was completed by one Full Time Employee (FTE). This process would have taken 6 months and would have required the FTE to have visited every police officer in the force and taken the serial number from every device. However by using Metacompliance the COLP was able to ensure every employee entered their own details. The results were incredible as the audit was completed in 3 weeks.

Ultimately the decision to invest in the Metacompliance software suite helped the City of London Police improve their operations, meet targets, and save money. As Brailsford-Hart commented:
“In a time of austerity, the purchase of any new software solution must provide demonstrable return on investment as well as seeking to deliver value-added benefits beyond its initial scope. We have therefore taken the concept of the compliance solution and have been able to demonstrate a number of cross-departmental benefits including the support of operational policing as well as good corporate business practices.”