Security Awareness Maturity Model

Audit your awareness training and benchmark your organisation against best practice

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Assess your Awareness Levels and Set the Right Direction for Success

Our Security Awareness Maturity Model evaluates the current the maturity level of your organisational security awareness program. Use the Security Awareness Maturity Model to assess your organisation’s maturity score, and identify recommendations for improvement.

Security Awareness Maturity Model

How does your security awareness program measure up?

Answer this 15 question assessment to benchmark your security awareness program and determine recommendations for improvement.

Evaluate the Effectiveness of Your Security Awareness Training

Only what gets measured can be managed and when it comes to cyber resilience, organisations must understand their baseline and gaps in order to make improvements.

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Use our Security Awareness Maturity Model to:

Evaluate security awareness levels
Evaluate your current security awareness levels
Determine roadmap for continuous improvement
Determine a roadmap for continuous improvement
consistently measure your awareness levels over time 1
Consistently measure your awareness levels over time
Identify why your awareness program may not be delivering results
Identify why your awareness program may not be delivering results
Communicate value of program to senior leadership
Communicate the value of your program to senior leadership
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Security Awareness Campaign Planner

Plan for the year ahead and provide a robust defence against cyber threats.

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