Security Awareness Training for Governments

In today’s digital landscape, governments rely heavily on information technology to help deliver services more effectively, reduce costs, increase productivity, and work in new ways. Despite the benefits, this age of connectivity has resulted in complex cyber threats as councils and local governments continue to be victims of data breaches and cyber attacks.

1 %
Local council authorities have experienced a cyber attack
1 %
Councils currently hold a cyber insurance policy
Attacks target government authorities per hour
£ 1
The average cost of a successful attack on a council

Why do Governments Need Security Awareness Training?

Government agencies, councils and local authorities have become a particularly lucrative target for malicious cybercriminals due to the vast amount of information they handle and reduced IT budgets.

Basic cyber hygiene and anti-virus software is no longer sufficient to protect governments and councils from such serious attacks. A cyber attack can have crippling consequences for many governments and local authorities, from disrupting vital services to reputational damage. As such, it is important that government bodies continuously review, refresh and reinforce their approach to cyber security awareness training to protect their employees and their organisation from malicious attacks.

How Governments Can Combat Cyber Threats
with Security Awareness Training

It is clear more focus needs to be placed on security awareness training for governments, local authorities and councils in order to raise awareness of cyber security threats, reduce the risks associated with cyber attacks and embed a culture of compliance.

Providing adequate security awareness training to government employees helps to:

Educate about cyber security threats and increase awareness

Embed a culture of cyber security awareness

Empower individuals to change their behaviours and identify threats

Enable users to self-serve in eLearning content that is personalised to their different job roles and responsibilities

Encourage positive cyber hygiene habits and behaviours

Evidence user participation for regulatory reporting and audits

A Go-To Security Awareness Solution for Governments

MyCompliance Cloud provides a one-stop-shop solution for security awareness training and compliance capabilities, in one powerful platform.

The integrated, SaaS based software tailors security awareness training for governments, provides defense, and delivers regulator reporting to ensure compliance obligations are met.

Taking a people centric approach to cyber security, MyCompliance Cloud helps to create a more secure workforce, educate end users and protect your organisation against evolving cyber risks.

Tailored Security Awareness Training for Governments

MetaCompliance is now our one-stop-shop in terms of policies, coupled with the ability to audit and track compliance with those policies. The automation has meant the end of a large number of manual processes and has hugely improved our auditing and reporting.
Barry Philips
IS Analyst/Developer - Cork County Council

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