Security Awareness Training for Remote Workers

Security awareness training for remote workers helps to protect employees and their organisation from security threats outside the office environment.
1 %
Companies reported seeing an increase in cyber attacks as they enabled remote working
1 %
Cyber security professionals say they are facing additional challenges, with increased attacks and new work-from-home demands
1 %
Organisations said that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes to their cyber security policies
1 %
CISOs say that employee training and awareness is the biggest challenge at present

Reducing Rick with Security Awareness Training for Remote Workers

The rapid transition to remote working has presented an abundance of new security challenges. Cybercriminals have been quick to adjust their tactics to take advantage of the chaos, curiosity, and uncertainty as organisations navigate the changes in the threat landscape and a distributed workforce.

With remote working likely to remain a permanent fixture for organisations in the foreseeable future, it is vital to mitigate the risk of cyber threats with security awareness training and embed a culture of security awareness, even at home.

The Role of Security Awareness Training for Remote Workers

As cybercriminals increase their efforts to exploit remote workers, security awareness training is the most powerful weapon against these evolving threats and techniques.

Implementing effective security awareness training in your organisation will help to:

Create a powerful front line of protection against potential attacks

Remediate the cyber risks that arise from a remote workforce

Create a shift in employee mindset and behaviour change

Improve audit results and demonstrate regulatory compliance

Develop a strong security posture to reduce the risk of cyber threats

Assure customers that they are working with a vendor that aligns with their security standards

Making Security Awareness Training Engaging for Remote Workers

Cyber security awareness training for remote workers should be engaging and informative to ensure that employees understand what is required of them, and the importance of their role in safeguarding the organisation’s sensitive data.

MyCompliance Cloud provides a one-stop-shop solution for security awareness training and compliance capabilities, in one powerful platform.

By taking a people centric approach to security awareness training, MyCompliance Cloud helps to create a secure remote workforce, educate end users and protect your organisation against cyber risks.

Embed a Culture of Security Awareness Even at Home

The biggest change is that MetaCompliance is now our one-stop-shop. The automation has meant the end of a large amount of manual processes and has hugely improved our auditing and reporting.
Barry Philips
IS Analyst/Developer - Cork County Council

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