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Battling eLearning Fatigue with Your Employees

eLearning fatigue

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As the workplace continues to become more reliant on to technology to function, employees are feeling the effects of the ongoing online training that is needed. With various departments and roles requiring users to complete education updates, employees are suffering from eLearning fatigue.

While online training programs have many benefits, they can also lead to employee disengagement and a lack of enthusiasm for learning new skills such as cyber security awareness.

Let’s look at what eLearning fatigue is, how it affects employee engagement, and some strategies businesses can use to reduce it.

What is eLearning Fatigue?

eLearning fatigue is a term used to describe the mental and emotional exhaustion that employees feel when trying to learn online. It occurs when employees are exposed to too much training from their employers or when they become overwhelmed by the amount of material, they must digest in one sitting.

Additionally, many people find that their motivation wanes as they engage with digital content for an extended period. Let’s face it, most people would prefer not to have to complete corporate eLearning given its lack of quality.

The Impact on Employee Engagement

When employees suffer from eLearning fatigue, their overall engagement with the material decreases significantly. This can lead to critical training, such as compliance and risk training, being submerged beneath less important and poorly constructed eLearning. Without proper engagement with relevant content, employees may not develop the skills in high value areas that increase the use of key digital tools and those reduce corporate risk such as information security.

In addition, disengaged workers tend to have lower morale than those who are engaged—and low morale can quickly spread throughout an organisation if left unchecked.

Strategies For Reducing eLearning Fatigue

Fortunately, there are strategies businesses can use in order to reduce eLearning fatigue among their employees. One way is by breaking up long-form content into smaller chunks that are easier for learners to digest.

Additionally, employers should strive for variety in their training materials by incorporating interactive elements such as quizzes or games into their programs.

Finally, employers should ensure that workers have access to resources like online portals or internal ambassadors, so that they feel supported throughout their learning journey and don’t become overwhelmed or discouraged by challenging concepts.

eLearning fatigue is a serious issue that needs attention from business leaders if they want their organisations’ training initiatives to be successful. By taking proactive steps such as breaking up long-form content into smaller pieces and incorporating interactive elements into programs, businesses can help reduce employee fatigue while still delivering engaging digital content designed for optimal learning experiences. With these strategies in place, businesses will be better positioned for success both now and in the future!

Battling eLearning Fatigue with Your Employees

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