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Healthcare: The IT Assurance Challenge

MetaCompliance – Delivering IT Assurance with User Awareness and Accountability

Managing IT Assurance awareness in Healthcare has never been more crucial, or more difficult. The increasing mobility and integration of IT systems has serious implications for the security of patient sensitive data.  Human behaviour is at the core of IT Assurance.  Employee awareness is the single biggest differentiator between nominal and best practice information governance programmes, and is an essential factor in maintaining regulatory compliance. Current methods of communication, such as email and corporate intranet are costly, time consuming and can’t deliver the necessary results.

"The practice of managing information, protecting confidentiality, and ensuring the integrity and availability of data to deliver essential services."

IT Assurance for Healthcare:

“All staff must be appropriately trained so that they are fully aware of their personal responsibilities with respect of Information Security”

NHS Code of Practice

“The primary objective of the security rule is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic protected health information.”

HiPPA Security Rule

MetaCompliance enables healthcare organisations to mitigate the risks inherent in employee data handling whilst maintaining the fundamental elements of IT Assurance; integrity, confidentiality and availability.  At the core of the software lies the ability to implement sustainable user engagement programmes that continually enforce and reinforce awareness of both Information Governance best practice, and user responsibility for the guardianship of data.  This is a major requirement of all regulatory frameworks including the Data Protection Act UK, HIPPA, EU Data Protection Legislation and ISO 27001. 

 MetaCompliance enhances the existing user awareness strategies, such as e-Learning, that are already in place within most healthcare organisations. The software provides the user with a single point of interface for all of their compliance responsibilities. Most healthcare employees, despite being busy with their day to day duties, are aware of the public exposure associated with data loss, they accept that participation in compliance initiatives is important. MetaCompliance allows these users to manage their compliance tasks and respond to compliance communications at a time that most benefits them and their organisation.

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