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Reduce the risk of compliance failure and protect your staff online.

Your job is a constant battle to raise awareness of cyber threats. Change your staff behaviours now and reduce the risk of compliance failure. We can help!

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MyCompliance Cloud provides customers with a fully integrated and multi lingual suite of compliance capabilities that can be purchased as a complete system or on a modular basis.



Avoid phishing & ransomware attacks through graphically rich and easy to use anti-phishing software that creates employee awareness.

Key Features

  • Scam email templates based on real hacking examples
  • Highly visual learning experiences that impact user behaviour
  • Multilingual phishing programs
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eLearning products for software compliance


Award Winning Cyber Security and Compliance eLearning all available on our cutting edge Learning Management System.

Key Features

  • Bite-sized training in less than 3 minutes
  • Available in over 30 languages
  • Highest quality motion graphics
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Policy Management

Policy Management

Software that contains all the key elements required to automate, deliver and manage the policy management lifecycle.

Key Features

  • Communicate policies via email and desktop pop-up
  • Extensive user adoption and regular reporting
  • Combines with eLearning for greater awareness
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Incident Management for online security breaches

Campaign Management

Manage Cyber Awareness programs centrally to deliver eLearning, Phishing, Blogs, Policies and Surveys.

Key Features

  • Reduce the time and resource required to plan an awareness campaign
  • Create 12 months of awareness activities, identify areas of overlap and user fatigue
  • Improve audit results and demonstrate regulatory compliance
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Privacy Management Solution for organisations


Manage privacy risk through data capture processing activities, risk register creation and reporting.

Key Features

  • Collects data processing information to create a single privacy activity database
  • Assess privacy risks in order to deploy internal resources
  • Remediate privacy risk for regulator notification and reporting
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