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Cyber Police

Everyone’s a Target

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At MetaCompliance, we’re passionate about the power of storytelling to increase employee participation in cyber security education. For this reason, we’ve based our latest eLearning series on the successful format of a captivating police drama.

Casting a lens on current cyber threats, Cyber Police charts the story of our three main characters and their struggle with the ever evolving threat landscape.

Based on real world security breaches and scams, the live action series has been expertly produced by our creative learning studio, City Factory Productions. Season one of the seven-part series follows an intricate and mysterious plot that aims to engross your end users and educate employees to become the first line of defence in the fight against cybercrime.

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Who are the cyber police?

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Carla Vizzotti

Role: Detective Sergeant

Marital Status: Single

Age: Early 30s

Profile: Having a background in Counterterrorism, Carla has been with the Cyber Police for over four years. She has a wide range of contacts globally and brings valuable insights into the motives of criminal organisations and how they choose their targets. She is recognised as having taken down some of the most active cyber criminal gangs that had been extorting individuals and organisations in the developed world. Her secret is that she is an ex-hacker who was turned to the good side.


Luis Moreno

Role: Detective

Marital Status: Single

Age: Mid to late 20s

Profile: Having graduated at the top of his year from Police Academy. He loves being a cop and has good street smarts that don’t always transfer to the office. Having spent the last 2 years in an undercover role focused on organised crime, he was transferred to Cyber Police for his own safety, as his cover was blown. He is also expected to help make the connection with global cyber-crime and the links to traditional criminals that he had been fighting in his previous role.


John Freeman

Role: Security Section Commander

Marital Status: Married

Age: late 40s / early 50s

Profile: Having spent many years as a senior Cyber Security Practitioner in the Financial Services industry, John was seconded into a regional police force Digital Defence Initiative. He worked on a major critical infrastructure breach that had resulted in the poisoning of many people as a result of a reservoir attack. John was one of the first cyber professionals recruited into Cyber Police.

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Behind the scenes

Lights, camera, action! Step behind the scenes of Cyber Police for an exclusive look at the making of the set, see the cast off-duty and check out the crew behind the camera.

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