Security Awareness

In today’s digital landscape, governments rely heavily on information technology to help deliver services more
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Tailored Security Awareness Training for Governments

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Why do Governments Need Security Awareness Training?

Government agencies, councils and local authorities have become a particularly lucrative target for malicious cybercriminals, due to the vast amount of information they handle and reduced IT budgets.
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Why Governments Need Security Awareness Training


was the average number of weekly cyber attacks experienced by the Government sector in 2021

attacks per hour target government authorities
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of councils currently hold a cyber insurance policy
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was the average cost of a data breach in the public sector in 2022

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How Governments Can Combat Cyber Threats with Security Awareness Training

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about cyber security threats and increase awareness


end-users to change their behaviours and identify threats


user participation for regulatory reporting and audits


positive cyber hygiene habits and behaviours

Save time

and reduce cost of compliance initiatives


a culture of cyber security awareness

What Do Our Customers Say?

I love the fun, interactive modules. The platform gives you the ability to make security training fun, informative, and relevant.
Kathryn Reis
TELUS Agriculture and Consumer Goods
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A Go-To Security Awareness Solution for Governments

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Don’t let a cyber attack take your organisation by surprise. Stay one step ahead of cybercriminals with our award-winning Security Awareness Training solution.

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