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Ultimate Guide to Phishing

Protect yourself and your organisation from phishing attacks with our in-depth guide.

Ultimate Guide to Phishing
Phishing and Ransomware
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Phishing and Ransomware Dansk
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96% of Data Breaches Originate From Email

Our MetaPhish product helps keep your staff safe from phishing scams through automated training that increases their vigilance. Creating an internal phishing drill for your organisation is easy. But the results in terms of staff becoming aware of email threats is almost immediate.




What do our customers say?

MetaPhish is being used to run phishing exercises and determine how effective the security awareness training has been. It has given us visibility of our user base and the current level of awareness within the organisation which was previously difficult to assess.
Cork County Council
Barry Philips
Information Security Analyst, Cork County Council
Phishing and Ransomware

Extensive Range of Templates

Choose from an extensive range of regularly updated phishing templates. Templates are based on current phishing threats which imitate reputable websites and brands. The templates can be matched with relevant domain names that improve the ease of use within your organisation’s network.

Fully Customisable

The templates are all fully customisable and can be adapted to suit specific business sectors. Phishing emails can be created from the ground up using our in-house design team and the extensive range of templates are available in 12 different languages.

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Point of Need Learning Experiences

All employees that fall for a phishing simulation email are immediately presented with a point of need learning experience. A warning notice, infographic, survey, or piece of eLearning is presented to the user explaining what has happened, the potential dangers associated with this form of attack, and how to avoid future phishing attempts. The user can also request additional training during interaction with the learning experience.

Detailed Reporting

The reporting dashboard provides an in-depth analysis of specific phishing campaigns. Organisations can identify the percentage of users that are vulnerable to attack, which device they accessed the phishing email from, and the metrics can be broken down further to analyse specific departments and user groups. The reports will highlight if your awareness campaign is making progress and outline the need for any additional staff training.

Phishing and Ransomware
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