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Dummies Guide to GDPR - Practical Approaches to Implementing Privacy

What is MetaPrivacy?

The management of data protection processes, assets and external parties has become much more important within modern organisations. Simply being able to identify what personal data is being processed within an organisation is a significant challenge given legacy systems and the complexity of information stores.

MetaPrivacy is a proven privacy lifecycle management system that provides the key automation to help organisations visualise and manage their data processing over time. The solution provides out of the box functionality that allows customers to quickly obtain value without extensive periods of consultancy and configuration.

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What are the Benefits?


Automate population of personal data registers.


Identify, manage and mitigate risk through a risk register and task management module.


Engaging, graphically rich, interactive training and eLearning.


Access GDPR policies and guidelines within the system and complete related assessments.


Easy to use management dashboards and detailed reporting.


Ensure organisational readiness for GDPR.


Demonstrate GDPR and privacy compliance to your national regulatory body.


Track task progress and demonstrate accountability in real time.

What do our customers say?

MetaPhish is being used to run phishing exercises and determine how effective the security awareness training has been. It has given us visibility of our user base and the current level of awareness within the organisation which was previously difficult to assess.
Cork County Council
Barry Philips
Information Security Analyst, Cork County Council

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