Cyber Security Awareness Training that Employees Love to Take

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training for Employees is designed to capture their attention and make meaningful changes to information management and compliance behaviours. Our passion for developing engaging information security education can be experienced in the quality of our content. 


Every user, role and department is different. That’s why we've developed an intelligent way to manage human risk.

The best way to improve employee participation in Security Awareness Training is to ensure that the content of the training is relevant to the individual. To engage employees, the educational message must resonate with their role, responsibilities and the specific cyber threats they are facing.

A one-size-fits-all approach to cyber security education results in low levels of employee involvement. Our eLearning solution tailors relevant training to specific job roles and related cyber threats. 

Want to create a more security-conscious workforce?

We’ve written the ultimate guide to cyber security awareness best practice.

Cyber Security Awareness for Dummies
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Impactful Alone. Better Together.

MyCompliance™ provides a fully integrated and multilingual suite of Security Awareness Training capabilities that can be purchased as a complete solution or on a modular basis.

Our unique Learning Management System allows you to create your own courses and mitigate the security risks in your organisation.

Save time creating and managing your annual cyber security awareness programs, using our prebuilt templates and automated planning functionality.

Get real traction with employees and increase user participation with our modern user portal and Microsoft Teams app.

Increase policy participation; easily obtain employee attestation to key policies; and embed a culture of compliance with an automated policy management solution. 

Demonstrate regulatory compliance to auditors and regulators, based on ongoing risk assessments, revision control and reporting.

Mitigate phishing and ransomware attacks with easy-to-use anti-phishing software that increases employee vigilance.

Our automated security awareness solution helps save you time and resource.

MetaCompliance’s automated security awareness solution removes the burden of scheduling annual employee policies, eLearning and risk assessments, and helps keep your employees safe online through continuous, year-round learning. 

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We know cyber security and data protection awareness inside out. So you don’t have to!

No awareness program experience? No problem! We help hundreds of organisations find innovative ways to engage with their employees and get the attention needed to drive behaviour change. Our employee engagement experts will provide expert advice and assistance on how to make impactful improvements to employee cyber security behaviours. We bring over 15 years of experience implementing cyber security awareness programs based on best practice.


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