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A Fresh Approach to Security Awareness Training
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The growing prominence of cyber threats in recent years has demonstrated the need for Cyber Security to be a priority in every sector. Today, Cyber Security risks are no longer a concern of ‘tech’ companies, but an ever present issue across all industries.

Business critical activities have been disrupted, customers data has been compromised, and cyber threats continue to become more damaging and destabilising than ever before. Recognising this growing threat, Fresca Group wanted to take a proactive approach to increase awareness amongst staff about their role in keeping the organisation safe.

Leading fresh produce supplier, Fresca Group is one of Europe’s largest fruit and vegetable suppliers and supplies Britain’s best-known retailers, food service operators, wholesale markets and cruise lines with quality fresh produce. Working with MetaCompliance, Fresca Group recognised the importance of educating employees about potential Cyber Security threats and creating a risk aware culture in the workplace. With hundreds of employees located across the UK and a fast-expanding international service, Fresca Group aimed to increase cyber awareness amongst staff and create a cyber resilient workforce. 

Protection Against Phishing  

Phishing emails were a key concern for Fresca Group as the organisation sought to combat an influx of daily phishing attacks. With MetaCompliance’s award winning MetaPhish, Fresca Group can now educate employees about how to detect phishing emails and help to foster a culture of vigilance amongst staff. 

Using customised phishing templates, Fresca Group can target users by job role, department and location with phishing emails that resemble realistic scenarios and prepare employees for real life cyber threats.  

With point of need learning experiences, MetaPhish educates users about how to avoid future phishing attempts and enables Fresca Group to gain greater visibility of those most at risk, in a safe and controlled environment. 

Additionally, Fresca Group can establish a baseline for current user awareness, understand user behaviour and outline the need for additional staff training with the analytics dashboard.

“Since working with MetaCompliance, we have noticed cyber awareness has raised amongst staff and engagement has gradually increased. Staff now have a better understanding about phishing and have become more vigilant. It also helps employees feel like they play a role in defending the company from threats.”

Engaging Employees with e Learning 

Before working with MetaCompliance, Fresca Group had no mechanism in place to educate staff about key Cyber Security threats. With MetaCompliance’s eLearning library, staff can gain essential Cyber Security knowledge and skills using engaging eLearning content and user interactions in a bite-sized format. 

“We found it difficult to find suitable training that went beyond bland PowerPoint presentations. MetaCompliance provided a solution which addressed our key issues and enabled us to be more proactive.”

For Fresca Group it was vital that they delivered an interactive eLearning experience that was engaging for staff, particularly for low skilled employees. 

“MetaCompliance’s content library is continually growing to address the latest threats and the titles are relevant and up to date. The eLearning content has helped to educate staff about potential risks and empowered employees to be proactive in guarding against cyber attacks.”

Automating Cyber Awareness Activities 

In an effort to adopt a hybrid approach to cyber awareness, Fresca Group has introduced MetaCompliance’s Campaigns module to automate the life-cycle of its annual security awareness program.  

Now, the organisation can effectively plan and deliver a varied Cyber Security awareness program, consisting of twelve months of awareness activities such as policies, phishing simulations, blogs and eLearning in a centralised platform. 

With Campaigns, Fresca Group can reduce the time and resources required to plan an awareness campaign and identify areas of overlap or inactivity so that staff continue to be engaged all year round. 

“The Campaigns software has allowed us to structure our annual cyber awareness program quickly and easily. We can now schedule awareness activities in advance and issue regular phishing and training exercises so that it becomes a matter of routine.”

Creating a Cyber Security Culture  

In just a few months, Fresca Group has transformed cyber awareness training within the organisation and facilitated a positive security awareness culture. As a result, the company is able to maintain a constant level of awareness, develop an evolving curriculum for Cyber Security and encourage employees to uphold good Cyber Security hygiene. For the future, Fresca Group aim to build on their efforts and focus on continuing to improve employee engagement and reporting rates.

Create Tailored Cyber Security and Privacy Training

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