GEM Oils

Fuelling a Culture of Cyber Security Awareness
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As automation continues to evolve, the oil and gas industry has experienced a digital transformation. This has enabled organisations to become more cost effective, extract the most value from current assets and maximise up-time.

However, the dependence on digital technology in the sector has significantly increased the complexity of the cyber threat landscape. As automation and the use of cloud services increases, so too has the risk of a cyber attack. Beyond the political and economic impact, a cyber attack on the industry could cause severe consequences such as a plant or production shutdown, damage to equipment, undetected spills and safety measure violations.

With the sector facing such a high cyber risk, GEM Oils recognised that it was crucial to take a proactive approach and inhabit a Cyber Security culture.

Creating a Risk Aware Culture

GEM Oils is Ireland’s leading provider of high quality lubricants. Established in 1962, the organisation has experienced the digital transformation of the sector first hand.

Working with MetaCompliance, GEM Oils recognised the importance of educating employees about potential Cyber Security threats and creating a risk aware culture in the workplace.

For GEM Oils, it was important that Cyber Security was viewed as everyone’s responsibility and not just an issue for the IT department. By equipping staff with the skills required to protect themselves online, GEM Oils aimed to create a culture of continuous awareness training.

The organisation had experienced a surge in attempted phishing attacks and understood that educating and empowering employees was key. Using MetaCompliance’s eLearning platform, GEM Oils wanted to arm staff with the knowledge to spot and prevent a cyber attack with confidence. With a busy workforce where employees are often offsite and short of time, GEM Oils sought a solution that enabled them to deliver effective cyber awareness training which was engaging and delivered in a bite-sized format 

Empowering and Educating Employees.

Using MetaCompliance’s short, targeted courses, GEM Oils can now educate staff about essential Cyber Security knowledge and skills. Each Nano delivers graphically rich cyber awareness content and user interactions in less than 5 minutes, helping to foster Cyber Security awareness within the organisation.

With MetaCompliance’s extensive eLearning library, GEM Oils can also build tailored eLearning courses for various departments and their specific roles.

Depending on an employee’s level of access or responsibilities, the eLearning can address individual employee needs or specific risks which makes it relevant and more engaging for staff.

"With MetaCompliance’s Elements library, I have been able to create and deliver cyber awareness campaigns which are bespoke to our organisation. The theme of each campaign differs slightly and is adapted to reflect current cyber threats. The campaign is then supported by additional resources such as posters, blog posts, and video learning which helps to create a culture of continuous learning that our employees will use in the workplace and in their personal lives.”

Previously, engaging staff in cyber awareness campaigns was a key challenge for the organisation. With MetaCompliance’s reporting functionality, GEM Oils can now track how many users have completed the training, which has provided management with greater insight.

"MetaCompliance’s eLearning library really stood out to us. The content is tailored and regularly updated which means it resonates with staff. MetaCompliance has allowed us to make our cyber awareness training much more structured and auditable than ever before."

Since implementing MetaCompliance’s eLearning software, GEM Oils has developed a hybrid approach to cyber awareness training, incorporating a range of content such as blogs, screensavers, and posters to keep employees engaged and reinforce best practices.

"MetaCompliance has allowed us to take GEM Oils to a higher level of excellence. Staff awareness of cyber threats has increasable and employees are much more vigilant."

Create Tailored Cyber Security and Privacy Training

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